#BlackLivesMatter Protestors Hit Jeb Bush Event In Nevada

by Scott McKay | August 13, 2015 12:50 pm

Donald Trump swore that if the #BlackLivesMatter crowd attempted to take his microphone he’d fight them. That was met by scads of oaths by the protest movement, which appears to be little more than an unofficial lobby for street criminals, to rush the stage at a Trump event in the future.

In the meantime, #BlackLivesMatter has taken time out of harassing Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders to warm up on another victim – the mild and polite Jeb Bush[1]…

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush ended a town hall early on Wednesday after being interrupted by members of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Los Angeles Times reported.[2]

The protesters’ appearance marked the first of its kind directed at a GOP candidate following demonstrations at events featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running as a Democrat. Bush reportedly left the event in North Las Vegas without his customary closing statement.

According to the Times, dozens of protesters associated with the movement began chanting “black lives matter” during the event with their hand raised. Two other demonstrators were kicked out at the start of the town hall when they used the same chant. The progressive Netroots Nation conference stated[3] on its Facebook page late Wednesday night that the group also contained Planned Parenthood supporters and immigration activists.

Some supporters of the former Florida governor reportedly responded by chanting “white lives matter” and “all lives matter” at the group, while at least one Bush supporter and a protester traded obscene hand gestures.

Members of Bush’s campaign told the Times that he met with members of the movement earlier in the day to discuss reforming the criminal justice system and “barriers to upward mobility.”

Footage from the event also shows Bush being asked how he would address institutional racism within the US

“When my son steps out every day, I don’t know if he’s gonna step back in because of racial tension,” one woman says, before asking, “How do you relate to that?”

“I relate to it by, as president, trying to create a society where there is civility and understanding,” Bush responds. “And to encourage mayors, leaders at the local level, to engage so that there’s not despair and isolation in communities.”

He added, “With all due respect, a child that is educated, that believes that their chances of going to college, living a life of purpose and meaning, is important.”

Bush’s mistake, of course, was to meet with the #BlackLivesMatter people prior to his event, and not to have security available to run the protestors out of the event as soon as they showed up.

#BlackLivesMatter is a protest movement dependent on lies like “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and that Baltimore police deliberately murdered Freddie Gray. They have no place in mainstream American politics, and rather than tout college as a solution for the urban criminal element as he politely engages with hecklers Bush needs to take a page from Trump and send them packing. If he wants to win, that is[4].

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