BREAKING: Amazon Offers 45% Discount To Welfare Participants Who Open Prime Account

by Just An American | June 7, 2017 2:10 am

This is utterly unbelievable. Amazon is offering those who sign up for a Prime Membership account a discount of 45%… ONLY if they are receiving government assistance. This does NOT include disabled vets.


Here’s a question…

If you are receiving government assistance in order to get by, should you be wasting money on this? Perhaps learning to separate your needs from your wants would benefit you more than a discount on Prime. When I can’t afford something – I do without it. That’s how it’s supposed to work. You work hard and make the right decisions if you want to enjoy life’s little perks – you are not entitled to them – you earn them. I will be closing out my Prime membership before they inflate my rate to compensate for the others.

So, about Amazon Prime for those who aren’t aware. Amazon Prime gives shoppers a number of perks, one such perk is the free two-day shipping on millions of items and access to Amazon’s video and entertainment library with no extra fee involved[2].

The Prime discount for customers with an EBT card comes shortly after an announcement from Amazon earlier this year which stated that they would be accepting food stamps in exchange for grocery items starting this summer. Amazon charges a grocery delivery fee on top of their Prime membership; it’s unclear whether or not a discount will also be applied to grocery deliveries.

Amazon’s Prime feature is one of the most profitable programs that the website offers as Prime users tend to spend more and shop more than regular Amazon shoppers. CEO Jeff Bezos has publicly stated that he wants to improve the Prime program to the point where it becomes irresponsible not to use it.

I don’t like the guy, but he is a smart businessman. He instinctively knows how to reach into people’s pockets and get money no matter how poor they are. This way they can spend the money they theoretically don’t have…….

If a person can’t afford to provide the basics for him/herself or his/her family and is subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer, then he/she shouldn’t be able to buy an Amazon Prime subscription. Enough of this crap already. If a person wants to become an Amazon Prime member, let them get a second or even a third job to pay for it.

Stuff it Amazon. I’m going back to Ebay where there are at least a few mom & pop, non-globalism capitalists left.

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