Bummer: Very Liberal Education System Is A Hotbed Of Racism Per Salon

by William Teach | July 6, 2015 7:50 am

When we’re talking about public education, Democrats are in the majority[1]. 67% voted for Obama in 2008, compared to just 30% for John McCain. 93% of National Educational Association donations went to Democrats. This is an organization that votes overwhelmingly for Democrats and donates to Democrats. Think on that

“Modern racism lurks in the shadows of equality”: Why colorblind school policies have failed black people[2]
Instead of confronting racial and cultural divides, American education only serves to further them

The United States is experiencing a paroxysm of racism, from police shootings and the brutality of white supremacy in Charleston to a string of arsons in black churches across the South. Of course, it’s nothing new for a nation with a long history of extreme racist violence—the most recent lynching-related death occurred in 1981, hardly a lifetime ago, when Michael Donald was hanged by two members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The United States, however, continues to avoid its history on race, refusing to confront its past in a “post-racial,” “colorblind” society, and that policy of systemic ignorance is particularly strong in the education system. We shouldn’t rely on the social justice conversation on Twitter to drive the conversation. It’s time for our schools to recognize that #BlackLivesMatter.

Though addressing the huge problems with American race relations is a complex issue, reforms to American education policy need to be a crucial component of successful anti-racism work. Classrooms in primary, secondary, and post-secondary education are all failing students through omission or outright lies. Students graduate with no knowledge of Japanese internment camps or learn that Southern slaveowners were “benevolent masters,” and thus, graduates are deprived of crucial information when they enter the harsh light of the outside world.

A nation that refuses to look its past in the eye is doomed not just to repeat the horrors of prior generations, but to relive them in new, ever-changing ways. White supremacy has been a fact of life in the United States since North America was colonized by Europeans, but today’s version looks very different. Modern racism lurks in the shadows of equality, cloaked in the rhetoric of a nation where people of all colors can live together peacefully. We think racism is easy to point out and confront, and racists are easily punished. That’s not the case.

So, the Leftist education system in very racist. Much like the Democrat party itself. Perhaps schools should teach the true history[3] of the Democratic Party.

Instead of confronting racial and cultural divides, American education only serves to further them. Racial division is an inescapable fact of primary and post-secondary education itself, thanks to huge gaps in education quality that are closely tied to race and socioeconomic status. Some of the nation’s most underperforming schools are in primarily minority areas, reflecting the diminished opportunities for the nation’s children of color. Moreover, students of all races and backgrounds are subject to wildly differing history curricula, with Southern students often instructed that the Civil War was a “War of Northern Aggression.” Those distinctions matter.

Huh. I wonder why education is so bad in these areas. We dump huge amounts of money into these schools, yet, they continue to fail. But, see, we aren’t really allowed to discuss the real reasons, because that would be racist.

This is about much more than whose ancestors enslaved whose. It is about a persistent culture of willful ignorance, and the childish belief that standing in the middle of the classroom with our hands over our ears is an effective strategy in dealing with racism in contemporary America. We owe it to ourselves and the next generation to be honest about race—and that means creating an education policy that forces the issue.

But, we are told to put our hands over our mouths when it comes to discussing the reality of these majority-minority schools. The violence, the crime, the unwillingness to learn, because “learning is white”. Jared Taylor (yes, I know who he is), a writer for American Renaissance (yes, I know what the site is about), has a book called Face To Face with Race[4]. In it is an article written by a teacher about schools[5]. Over the top? Perhaps. Perhaps a bit generalize? Yes. This is the kind of thing we are Not Supposed To Discuss. Liberals do not want a discussion: they want a soliloquy. Toe the line or be smeared. Hence, the problems in schools can never be solved.

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