Bums Bury San Francisco in Feces

by Dave Blount | August 27, 2015 3:20 pm

Nothing could be more emblematic of the effect moonbattery has had on the once great city of San Francisco:

San Francisco’s streets are being transformed into one big toilet bowl and the city’s officials are responding by increasing the number of “poop patrols.”

“It’s getting worse, and people are tolerating it,” Joe D’Alessandro, who heads San Francisco Travel, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “People come here thinking of this as the center of innovation and entrepreneurship, and they see a street scene that looks like something out of a Third World country.”

That’s because San Francisco is also a center of leftism. The liberals running the city have laid out a red carpet for dysfunctional street people, who come from all over the country to collect their freebies and crap on the sidewalk. Combined with the policy of no longer incarcerating any but the most obviously violent lunatics, this has reduced the city to a cross between a mental institution and a sewer.

Defecating in public is treated as an infraction akin to a parking ticket. The Chronicle notes that these tickets are often ignored by those who receive them.

Big Government is taking action, unsurprisingly, by throwing money at the problem:

• Concentrating steam-cleaning crews in downtown S.F. These crews will respond to any cleanup calls within one hour between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
• Adding a third crew to the “hot spot” team which will to tackle unsanitary homeless encampments that have popped up everywhere from South of Market to the Civic Center.
• The addition of 18 new city workers to regularly clean 80 of the most neglected alleys which will cost nearly $3 million
• Expansion of the city’s mobile public toilet program which will keep the restrooms clean and safe.
• In September of last year, the budget for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system received a boost to hire workers that would help clean the urine and feces in the Bay Area’s heavily trafficked train stations.

That is, taxpayers will effectively follow the deranged hobos around, cleaning up their poop for them like dutiful dog owners.

San Francisco tax dollars at work.

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