Common Dreams Blames Dallas Police For Dallas Police Being Shot And Killed

You just had to know that far left nutjobs would blame the police. But, really, one has to wonder how widespread this thought is amongst lefties/Progressives

Dallas Police Shooting: Blowback from Impunity and Structural Racism

Five police officers in Dallas are dead after a shooting, which took place toward the end of a peaceful demonstration on July 7. The protest was a response to the gut-wrenching acts of police violence, which killed Philando Castile in Minneapolis and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge.

A suspect, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, is also dead. Twenty-five year-old Micah Johnson was cornered by police for hours until police sent in a “bomb robot” and detonated an explosive that killed Johnson.

Brown claimed during a press briefing on July 8 that Johnson was “upset about the recent police shootings.” He was “upset about white people,” and he wanted to “kill white people, especially white officers.” He informed the police he was not with any particular groups and said he “acted alone.” He also spoke about improvised explosive devices (IEDs), as if they had been placed around the city. (snip)

It is impossible to learn the right lessons about this moment if we do not consider how Johnson probably believed he was standing up for black Americans.

This comes to us from uber-white Kevin Gosztola. Surprise! But, hey, on the bright side, he isn’t buying into gun control

Moreover, a proposal to focus on gun control will not resolve the tension if it only results in taking guns away from people, who might resort to violence against police. That may satisfy the goal of protecting police lives, however, it will not guarantee that there is peace and justice without riots or other massive acts of violence in response to police brutality in the future.

Got that? He doesn’t want gun control because this would take guns away from Black people so they can shoot police officers.

Like the blowback against American superpower, which brought about the September 11th attacks, there will continue to be blowback against police so long as officers in departments throughout the country keep engaging in horrific acts of violence and oppression against minority communities.

A typical Democrat position, America got what it deserved on 9/11, and now, police officers are getting what they deserve.

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