County Judge Who Wore “Pu**y” Hat To Court Just Got SCHOOLED! [VIDEO]

County Judge Who Wore “Pu**y” Hat To Court Just Got SCHOOLED! [VIDEO]

A judge is supposed to be unbiased and non-partisan, especially on the bench. At least that is what I thought. Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt donned a pink knitted hat that signifies the Women’s March that took place in DC. It is a definite statement of liberalism and a stance against President Trump. This judge is a known died-in-the-wool liberal. I’d hate to be a conservative or a man in her court. Impartial she is not. Officials say she didn’t break any rules except those of propriety. I find that hard to believe and someone should file a complaint with the American Bar Association.

Last June, Eckhardt attacked Donald Trump during a naturalization ceremony. She also slammed the Second Amendment, the US Constitution and the death penalty. At one point during the ceremony, the judge urged the newly sworn citizens to register to vote so they could vote against Donald Trump. This understandably upset some of the participants. This woman has no business being a judge and should be disbarred, quite frankly.


From Breitbart:

A short investigation was launched after a Travis County judge wore a pink, knitted “pussy hat” in her courtroom late in January causing, some to doubt her impartiality from the bench.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt started her session on January 24 by putting on the pink knitted hat that has become associated with the Women’s March protests  held the day after Donald J. Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th president of the United States.

The judge’s shocking partisanship was first noted by Reddit users and soon caused residents to quiz Texas authorities as to whether or not a sitting judge is allowed to wear partisan political paraphernalia on the bench.

Local Austin TV station KVUE claimed that several county officials told them that Eckhardt didn’t break any rules other than that of propriety.

Eckhardt has been known as a liberal, activist judge in the past.

Eckhardt has also been involved with activists that represent illegal aliens. In October of 2015, she met with them while they were seeking assistance in quashing a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas against Obama’s administration over his executive amnesty program. Eckhardt claimed the lawsuit was only being filed by “those who wish to play politics with peoples’ lives” and that Travis County’s economy was a success only because it is “built on immigration.”’

Travis county is the county that Governor Abbott just cut off state funds to because they refuse to follow state and federal immigration laws. This woman is a prime example of what is wrong in that county and in Austin. Cut off all their funding and prosecute them… Eckhardt can be at the front of the line in her pink pu**y hat.

UPDATE: You can file a complaint about County Judge Sarah Eckhardt of Texas here –

P.O. BOX 12265
AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711-2265

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