Death of a Moonbat: Steven Otter

by Dave Blount | December 27, 2016 12:52 pm

As civilization slowly collapses in South Africa, violent crime is spiraling out of control. Advocates of the moonbattery that created this situation have not been spared:

In life Steven Otter castigated his fellow whites for their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa. Yet in one of those harsh racial ironies the country is famous for, he was stabbed to death by two black robbers in his home on Reconciliation Day 16 December 2016, dying in the arms of his coloured partner, Nathalie Williams — in front of her 7-year old daughter.

Reconciliation Day is a South African holiday established after the end of apartheid “with the intention of fostering reconciliation” between blacks and whites.

The English-born Otter had been an author and journalist. He was Cape Town municipal spokesman for transport at the time he died.

Otter’s former boss, Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, … expressed her condolences over the brutal killing of someone who had once been her official spokesman when she still had her own political party, the Independent Democrats. However, both De Lille and Otter shared a more sinister past affiliation with anti-white, revolutionary parties, such as the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), and Julius Malema’s Afro-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), respectively.

EFF radicals make the African National Congress that has been dismantling South Africa look sane by comparison. Their plan is simple: loot whites of every bit of wealth they have created and violently drive them out of the country they built. Hey, it worked great in Zimbabwe.

Steven Otter received the ultimately South African reality check, being confronted in his own bedroom by two knife-wielding black criminals.

These days his fate is not unusual.

Every day there are 50 murders in South Africa, more than in some European countries in an entire year!

Otter was truly a moonbat’s moonbat.

Apparently he refused to wear shoes, even when dressed in a suit. He was also a strict vegetarian or “vegan”.

Otter was an admirer of communist dictator Fidel Castro. A friend imagines the two will have conversations “up in heaven.” Given the brutality that characterized Castro’s rule, that is unlikely.

For a while Otter lived in the township of Khayelitsha…

According to the census figures for 2011, there were 391 749 people living in Khayelitsha, of whom 99,49% were black and 96,99% spoke Xhosa as a first language, the language of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, as well as many other ANC leaders.

Yet again we see that the essence of moonbattery is self-hatred:

The word “umlungu” literally means “scum of the sea” and is used by South African blacks as an insult for whites generally. In a display of white guilt and subservience, Otter embraced the term to describe himself.

Putting Otter’s death into the wider context of what his fellow leftists have done to South Africa,

Thanks to liberal ideology, which has brought us light sentences for murder and rape — but not for “hate speech” — as well as affirmative action, white guilt, and multifarious political illusions, South Africa is descending further and further into a social hell from which it may never recover. Steven Otter, as a former employee of the liberal Cape Argus newspaper and revolutionary EFF member suffered from those same illusions. He thought, despite rational evidence to the contrary, that both Khayelitsha and Cape Town were safe. Crime and violence were based on the “misperceptions” of some whites. Probably he did not own gun with which to defend himself against his assailants.

In a sense then, and notwithstanding one’s natural sympathy for the individual and his tragic death, he died as much due to the decrepitude forced on us by liberalism as by the hand of his assailants who had stabbed him in the face and body.

That is, a moonbat died of moonbattery. The rest of the country is not far behind him.

Steven Otter, dead of moonbattery.

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