Difference Between LIBERAL Parenting And Good Parenting Caught On Camera At Inauguration [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | January 21, 2017 7:28 am


Our upcoming generations leave room for concern. We live in a world of upcoming snowflakes whose lives are ruled by safe places, social media as a means of news and participation trophies. There are encouraging things about the upcoming leaders of our country. But mostly, it just leaves me scared. What happened so quickly that led to our rising generation being willing to let out country be ruled by feelings and opinions they are told they should have…. rather than the logic of what is best for our country.

These videos perfectly depict the difference between a good parenting situation and one that is leading to a generation that will destroy our nation. Because who do we really have to blame for our children except ourselves??

Notice the difference between this…

and this…


But also terrifying.

Let’s hope our youth wake up to the absurdness that they are allowing themselves to become.

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