Good News Cecil The Lion Fans: ‘Animal Psychic’ Says She Talked to the Dead Lion and He’s OK

by Warner Todd Huston | July 31, 2015 3:47 pm

With the whole world seemingly wearing sack cloth and ashes over the untimely death of the mighty Cecil the Lion, many have been crying and gnashing teeth over his loss. But, hold up animal fans because a woman who claims to be an “animal psychic” says she just talked to the dead lion and he wants us all to know he’s A’OK. (Yes, this is your animal rights wacko update for today)

Cecil the Lion, the once king of the jungle and now liberal punchline, seems to have made a pitstop in Washington State on his way to the great Mesa in the sky and made to blow in a little good feelings into the airy mind of one Karen Anderson, a world renowned “animal communicator.”

The mighty roar of Cecil tingled this “animal communicator’s” ELP (that’s Extra Lion Perception in case you didn’t know) and guess what, America? Cecil is OK!

Here is what our “animal communicator” told us[1] about the late, lamented Cecil’s message to us all…

I just connected with Cecil the lion who was recently killed. I wanted to let him know how loved and honored he is. I was moved to tears to hear his words. His message is profound.

He said:

“Let not the actions of these few men defeat us or allow darkness to enter our hearts. If we do then we become one of them. Raise your vibration and allow this energy to move us forward. What happened does not need to be discussed as it is what it is. Take heart my child, I am finer than ever, grander than before as no one can take our purity, our truth or our soul. Ever. I am here. Be strong and speak for all the others who suffer needlessly to satisfy human greed. Bring Light and Love and we will rise above this.”

Well, THAT is a load off’a my mind! How’s about yours?

Sadly, these goofballs are serious with this nonsense.

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