Have You Heard The Latest “News” From The Liberal Blogosphere? Apparently, I’ve Been Hired As A “Campaign Blogger” For The Romney Campaign

Have You Heard The Latest “News” From The Liberal Blogosphere? Apparently, I’ve Been Hired As A “Campaign Blogger” For The Romney Campaign

As we all know, liberal bloggers are part of the “reality based community” and the mainstream media regularly picks up their work. So obviously, they’re all about accuracy and anything you read on a liberal blog, you can take to the bank — right?

So, when I heard that AmericaBlog was reporting that I had been hired by the Romney campaign, I was glad to get the good news.

Now, you may be thinking, “I’m kind of surprised that the Romney campaign would hire the guy who co-founded Notmittromney.com to be a campaign blogger, but Hawkins is pretty damn good and stranger things have happened so…”

Actually, no.

I wrote a column for Townhall called, 7 Incredible Personal Stories About Mitt Romney That You May Not Know. The column revealed the truth that you’re not getting from the MSM: that Mitt Romney is essentially Mother Teresa with a bigger house — no, really, he is (Read the column and you’ll see what I mean). Whatever his other flaws may be, Mitt would probably be the single most caring and compassionate guy ever to occupy the Oval Office. If Barack Obama had done 1/10 of what Romney has for people, you’d have heard every story in the column ad nauseam, but since it’s Mitt, it all gets buried.

Anyway, after I did the job the mainstream media refused to do, the column went nuclear and garnered 10,000 forwards in just 48 hours. A big part of the reason for that was because the Mitt Romney campaign posted an excerpt from the column and then linked back to Townhall.

This is where John Aravosis of AmericaBlog probably went wrong; the format of Romney’s blog lists whoever writes the piece as the author, even if the article is from another website. So, for example, John Hawkins is listed as an author on the blog. Of course, so is Alan Dershowitz, Rod Paige, Eric Cantor, and Rudy Giuliani. My best guess is Aravosis saw the name of a conservative blogger listed, didn’t bother to look at the format of the blog, didn’t contact anyone for confirmation, and just ran with his big “scoop.”

Romney’s “blogger” talks about kneecapping Obama, hates Romney

…Seriously, Mitt, this guy is your campaign blogger?

Oh but it gets better. Mitt Romney’s “blogger” wrote what many consider the most scathing anti-Romney piece on a top conservative Web site. It’s still up on Townhall – not anymore! Townhall pulled the story down and replaced it with a pro-Romney story! Holy Stalin, Batman. Seriously, the largest conservative Web site is now pulling down stories that have been up there forever criticizing Romney, in the hopes they simply disappear down the memory hole? Geez.

Wait, it’s back! Though maybe this will disappear too. This time I have a copy…

#1) I’m not Romney’s “campaign blogger.”
#2) I don’t work for the Romney campaign in any capacity whatsoever and never have.
#3) Aravosis’ claim that Townhall was pulling down and putting back up anti-Romney pieces I wrote during the primaries is utterly bizarre. I actually took a look through tonight and everything is right where it should be.

Now you might think, “Wow, maybe Aravosis was just REALLY, REALLY drunk when he wrote that, forgot to take his pills, who knows what?” Even if that’s true, we talked on Twitter last night, I let him know the entire story was bunk, and he STILL DIDN’T CORRECT IT. In other words, he just doesn’t care whether what he writes is true or not. Here’s most of our conversation.

This morning, there are still no updates, no corrections, no mention at all of how Aravosis incompetently screwed the story up from beginning to end. He knows what he wrote was wrong, bt he just doesn’t care because it involves conservatives. If only that sort of complete disregard for the facts was unusual on the left side of the blogosphere.

PS: You want to fight back against these kind of lies? Then help get the truth about Mitt Romney out there. Keep forwarding 7 Incredible Personal Stories About Mitt Romney That You May Not Know out to all of your friends and any independent voters you know.

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