Hosts Of “The View” Compare Christians To The Taliban

Hosts Of “The View” Compare Christians To The Taliban

What are they on about??

NO one is saying that contraception shouldn’t be allowed. What this is saying is that the EMPLOYER shouldn’t have to PAY FOR IT.

These morons really do need to get out and get themselves a life.

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Do people actually watch them spout this garbage like they ‘know’ what they’re talking about?

I really do think that NORMAL people have just about had it with these has-beens.

“Live my life” – “Mind your own business” … “while we take your money to pay for our lifestyle and beliefs.” Live your own life then, just stop asking us to pay for it. Christians don’t ask for your tax dollars, but you have no problem demanding ours. Pathetic.

That’s right, the wonky old bats of ‘The View’ are going on now about about how ‘religious’ people are like the Taliban. Further stating that Christians who disagree with the contraception mandate makes them akin to the Taliban. They don’t like how the Trump administration is planning to reverse the mandate that employers provide health insurance that pays for their employee’s birth control.

Because of this, they had the audacity to blame Christians for not minding their own business and pushing such an idea.

Here, read this:

GOLDBERG: How about this? Do what you need to do for your family. Let me do what I need to do for mine, and we’ll all be fine. I don’t understand.

BEHAR: They don’t mind their own business.

JEDEDIAH BILA: Conservatives that are true conservatives that care about personal responsibility are—mind your business type of people. I live my life. Live and let live. That is true conservatism.

BEHAR: It’s religion.

BILA: Yeah but you can’t hide behind religion, restrict other people’s rights.

BEHAR: Well they do.

GOLDBERG: That’s done all the time. We saw it when we said, we can’t have gay people adopting so we are going to stop it.

BILA: That’s wrong too. It’s wrong.

GOLDBERG: Y’all just need — look…

BEHAR: How is it different from the Taliban? I’d like to know.

GOLDBERG: I just feel that you have to—at some point, you have to take responsibility for your life. And a lot of people are saying, this is what I need, and you’re saying it doesn’t matter what you need, I want you to believe how I believe. I’m going to say it again. I said this before. With all these rollbacks and what we hear, what’s the difference between us and the people we’re fighting?

BEHAR: Nothing.

GOLDBERG: What’s the difference?

BEHAR: That’s what I’m saying. It’s to keep women down also. Let’s not forget one of the reasons they do this is to keep women in their place—barefoot and pregnant.

When you’re woefully ignorant, life only gets worse when you apply copious amounts of arrogance as well. These two are over the top on both. I’m convinced both work very hard to be this stupid, it can’t be natural. How else do you explain the belief that NOT forcing people to do something against their will and conscience is equivalent to the Taliban? Does anybody actually watch this pile of crap anymore?

Religious people don’t want you to believe what they do. They don’t care if you believe or not… they don’t want to be involved with your birth control. It’s opposite of what you said. They are minding their own business.

Hey Joy and Whoopie… Go spend an evening with Christians, then an evening with the Taliban and get back with us.

The righteous indignation of the Left as they demand that you pay for their stuff knows no bounds.

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