HuffPo Moonbats Side With Pirates

by Dave Blount | February 23, 2011 2:18 pm

The savagery of the darkest part of the world has once again cast its shadow[1] over innocent Americans:

A pirate fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a U.S. Navy destroyer shadowing a hijacked yacht with four Americans aboard Tuesday. Then gunfire erupted, the military said. U.S. special forces rushed to the yacht only to find the four Americans fatally wounded.

The experienced yacht enthusiasts from California and Washington are the first Americans killed by Somali pirates since the start of attacks off East Africa several years ago. One of the American couples on board had been sailing around the world since 2004 handing out Bibles.

Their deaths appeared to underscore an increasingly brutal and aggressive shift by pirates in their treatment of hostages. …

“It’s a black day for us and also the Americans, but they lost bigger than us,” a pirate who said his name was Bile Hussein said.

If any good could possibly be found in such a horrific event, it’s that it will unite us in sadness and outrage.

Or maybe not. Moonbattery[2] reader Air2air collected some comments from the largest liberal blog, Huffington Post[3]:

I can’t help wondering if launching a rescue attempt brought this tragedy about.

Here I was thinking the pirates brought it about.

ha ha… bibles to Somalia?

The yacht was hijacked off the coast of its destination Oman.

Who is going to pay the costs for rich yacht owners to go preaching their religion? I didn’t see that listed in the Constitution?

After splurging the nation to the brink of bankruptcy, liberals have finally found government spending they object to.

Maybe you shouldn’t boat around with a yachtful of bibles. Missionary madness.

Amazing how the pirates were able to smell the Bibles from almost 1,000 miles away.

Maybe you should keep your evangelical christianity in your pants instead of trying to ram it down people’s throats.

The choice of metaphors provides more unwanted insight into the liberal mentality.

Can’t say I a surprised nor can I really be arsed to come up with some sympathy for the people killed!

Except of course for the pirates killed.

US Response… Great. Another war. Just what we need.

The story didn’t get around to mentioning that war had been declared.

Who Cares
Let’s just declare war on the rest of the world and be done with it.

Warmongers are always picking on put-upon pirates in hopes of starting a fight.

It was their religion that put them in harm’s way.

In a godless word, everyone will be safe from evil.

If they were off the coast of somalia and engaged in missionary self-righteousness in doing so, then I would call them irresponsible.

If moonbats spouted vile opinions without even knowing where the piracy occurred, I would call them irresponsible.

sailing in an expensive yacht in these waters put a bulls eye on their sail.

It was the victims’ fault for having something worth stealing.

Seems like god didn’t like what they were doing.

God hates sailing?

– ha ha ha!

Liberals have a gift for finding humor where no one else could.

Why don’t you start by “snuffing out” the corporations such as big oil that have decimated that countries natural resources and his made it nearly impossible for any of these people to make a real living. What they did is totally unacceptable, but why do you think these pirates exist? They use to be fisherman, but their waters were destroyed by the multi-national companies who were there just to profit off of their resources. If you want justice in the world, restrict the greed of corporations and stop blaming people who are just trying to survive.

Big oil is to blame for piracy. Surprisingly, George W. Bush’s involvement isn’t mentioned.

I am sure they turned to piracy due to the lack of other options.

If only Obama could seize control of the student loan industry in Somalia too.

Much like the movement of Native Americans to Reservations many years ago, along with forced indoctrination into Christian beliefs… it seems we are repeating a failed and ugly part of our history. In many cases these “Christians” are destroying beautiful, long held (thousands of years old) customs, traditions and spiritual beliefs of elegant native people. It’s sickening.

Spinning cut-throat pirates as “elegant native people” who are victimized by the Christians they sail hundreds of miles to kidnap and kill is sickening, all right.

I think religion had everything to do with it. They were ‘on a mission from God’ and probably felt that they had some sort of personal protection because they were on a mission to distribute bibles.

Blaming the victims is to be expected if the victims are Christian.

So according to WisconsinWalker… most of the states are broke… but there’s enough money in the coffers to “wipe out every last pirate.”

First, a gold-plated early retirement plan for all government workers. Last, basic protection for innocent American lives.

I’d rather Christian missionaries get it. Religion and it’s intolerance causes more problems than it solves.

How many Christians are intolerant enough to wish for people’s brutal death?

The recent history of colonization or post-colonial Africa, southeast asia and south america.. They go with the explicit desire to convert as many as possible, often with the sincere worry for unconverted souls, and just as often, for martial gains.

Comrade Obama is sure to agree[4] that it’s all the fault of neocolonialists.

It wouldn’t be the first time attacks on Missionaries were used to justify US Military intervention.

The sailors were pawns, sacrificed as part of a clever ruse to justify invading Somalia.

there aren’t a whole lot of practical differences between American “missionaries” and Islamic suicide bombers: They both tend to put themselves into situations where they’re going to die without accomplishing much or anything.

No, there’s not much difference between missionaries and suicide bombers — aside from the former being motivated by good and the latter by evil.

Liberals will almost always side with the bad guys. It’s a defining trait.

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