Ivanka Trump Gets DEVASTATING News – This Isn’t Good…

Ivanka Trump Gets DEVASTATING News – This Isn’t Good…

Wow. Our First Lady is Melania Trump, however, it’s not just her who is having to take backlash, but President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is also running into trouble from the CRAZED left!

Liberal BuzzFeed has noted that four more retailers have completely stopped selling the clothing line produced by Ivanka, the First Daughter, amid “slowing” sales of her brand.

Retailers Belk, Jet, ShopStyle and the Home Shopping Network all have decided to stop selling Trump’s fashion line this week only days after retailers Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus also made their announcement that they would stop carrying it as well.

How petty…are they 3? Actually using that as a comparison is an insult to 3 year-olds. I take it back.

Buzzfeed has noted that there has been an actual campaign that has been named “Grab Your Wallet” and it’s focused on getting retailers to stop selling Trump’s clothes, despite the Home Shopping Network telling the publication that its decision to drop the brand was not based on politics, but fully based on a financial reasons.

Sure. Uh huh…okay.

This was their statement:

“At HSN we are non-partisan and our product decisions are based solely on a continual evaluation related to our business,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

What do you think? If they are going to run a ridiculous campaign like this, should we be pickier with where WE choose to shop? Or shall we just let them make fools of themselves acting like immature morons?

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