Leftists Create New Sexual Identity and It’s Extremely Bizarre

Leftists Create New Sexual Identity and It’s Extremely Bizarre

I’m not going to lie, I actually thought this was satire the first time I read it because it’s just so out there that it couldn’t possibly be real.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Now you have to suffer with me as I do my best to unravel the mental illness that is the progressive liberal view on sexuality. Oh, and how we’re supposed to have sex with “nature,” because that’s not totally weird or anything.

Let’s consult some experts on ecosexuality and not question why someone would become an expert in something that not only doesn’t exist, but is indicative of some sort of delusion.

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D. and Beth Stephens, Ph.D. described the trend. “You don’t look at the Earth as your mother, you look at it as your lover,” and thinking of the Earth as “sensual, erotic, or sexy.” Because that’s not totally creepy at all!

Some ways you can express your ecosexuality include: “getting off while writhing around naked in the mud to simply getting joy out of doing it in a hot tub or going on a naked hike.”

The biggest problem I have isn’t with the people who like to pretend they’re making love to the planet, but the feeling I have when I imagine being naked in mud and how there are some places on the human body that should not get THAT dirty.

Adding to the creep factor is the fact that these two women not only study this bizarre trend, but they’ve written a book about it as well, entitled “The Explorer’s Guide to Planet Orgasm.” I wish I were kidding. They even held an event at an antique vibrator museum to promote it.

According to their estimation, there are about 15,000 mentally ill people who identify as ecosexual and they really should get them help instead of encouraging them.

How long until these people demand to be naked in public parks so they can express their “sexuality?”

H/T: The Federalist Papers Project

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