Liberal Protester Goes INSANE – Does the Unthinkable at Trump Rally [VIDEO]

Liberal Protester Goes INSANE – Does the Unthinkable at Trump Rally [VIDEO]

There are a lot of unhinged liberals who have directed their wrath towards Donald Trump. Utterly incapable of letting go of their disappointment and anger after Hillary Clinton lost, liberals have been behaving even more insanely than they usually do. Case in point? This crazy person at a Trump rally.


On Saturday, rallies were held across the country in support of Trump, dubbed the “March 4 Trump” rallies. Speakers were lined up at many of the rallies, including at one held in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

At this particular rally, a strange liberal woman showed up. All seemed normal, but when the first speaker prepared to give their remarks, the liberal began acting… strangely. Specifically, she began to scream at the top of her lungs, over and over and over again, while raising both middle fingers into the air.

The crowd quickly responded, circling around her while chanting “USA!, USA!” and shouting “He’s your president!,” which only caused her to scream even more. So, then they started to scream back at her.

Check out the entire crazy video here:

The crazed liberal woman has not been identified, but it’s typical of liberals. While they may not necessarily scream like this lunatic did, they’re all about shutting down conversation and free speech. They hate the idea of conservatives being able to speak openly, so they try to silence them as much as possible… even if it means acting like a psychopath, or accomplishes absolutely nothing.

Did this woman think there was an actual point to her little stunt? What did she think she was going to achieve, other than a little Internet notoriety for behaving like a crazy person? Screaming at a Trump rally accomplishes nothing, but liberalism and common sense don’t tend to go hand-in-hand.

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