Mom Writes Letter to a Mother-In-Law She Thought Was ‘Ruining’ Her Kids–Until She Passed

by Warner Todd Huston | February 15, 2015 2:05 pm

Blogger Tina Plantamura‚Äôs letter to her mother-in-law[1] is touching many of her readers. You see, Plantamura thought that her mother-in-law was “ruining” her kids, but once the elder woman passed away, Plantamura realized she was wrong about her husband’s mother.

Plantamura turned her letter[2] from one of condemnation to one of praise.

How I struggled to show you respect and appreciation while trying to make sure you didn’t spoil my children. I thought you would turn them into “selfish brats” by giving them everything they wanted. I thought they might never learn to wait, to take turns, to share, because you granted their wishes as soon as they opened their mouths and pointed.

You held each one of my babies long after they fell asleep. Didn’t you understand that I needed them to learn to fall asleep on their own?

You ran to them as soon as they made the tiniest sound. How would they ever learn to self-soothe?

I resented you for buying the best and most expensive gifts on their birthdays and on Christmas. How could I possibly compete with you? How do you think it feels to know that the very best presents, the ones they’ll be the most excited and aglow about, are not from their parents?…

I spent a lot of time wondering why you did all these things and how I could get you to ease up. I know grandmothers are supposed to “spoil the kids,” then send them home, but you were… ridiculous.

Until you were gone.

From there the writer goes on to find understanding for her mother-in-law.

It is a touching letter.

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