National Art Museum goes full liberal with “F*CK WHITE PEOPLE” display

National Art Museum goes full liberal with “F*CK WHITE PEOPLE” display

Subtle… not. The National Art Museum in Cape Town has gotten straight to the crux of the matter. They’ve eschewed real art for brash racist sentiment. The exhibit is unamazingly entitled: “F*ck White People.” And… it was a white guy who did it. Talk about self-loathing. Dean Hutton, the um, artist, seems to have identity issues here. He claims his exhibition will open white people’s eyes to indoctrination. No… but it will open their eyes to your lack of talent, originality and moronitude.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus had this to say after noting the unfortunate timing of such a piece of crap: “In times where racial relations are extremely sensitive, and where people who are guilty of making racist comments are severely punished by courts, the exhibition is short-sighted, and it is experienced by many people as inflammatory,” he said. That is an understatement. Hope the museum is insured. Greenwald called for the exhibit to be removed.


From FrontPage Magazine:

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An exhibition at the National Art Museum in Cape Town, titled Fuck White People, was slammed by the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) on Friday.

The exhibition was created by artist Dean Hutton, who is white.

“The responsible officials at the museum will have to account as to whether they would hold an exhibition with a reversed racial message,” FF Plus leader Dr Piete

Hutton told News24 later that the exhibition would open white people’s eyes to indoctrination.

“I am sure that many, and in particular the young people in your communities, have begun to wake from the indoctrination of white supremacy and are ready to learn to fuck the white in them too,” Hutton said.

Greenwald also wondered aloud if the museum would put up an exhibit from an opposite viewpoint. I sure doubt it… it’s not en vogue for racist, radical Marxists. In the description of the artwork in the museum, Hutton said the installation was meant to provoke white people. It will surely do that. “White people made racism and made sure it is deeply embedded in our social systems, laws, economies, institutions and individuals. So this provocation is here to make you feel that ‘white pain’,” Hutton’s description of the artwork reads. What a load of horse dung.

“Earlier this year, I photographed a student Zama Mthunzi wearing a T-shirt with the words ‘fuck white people’ smeared in black paint. He was threatened with expulsion and a case at the human rights commission. None of the complaints said anything about the front of the T-shirt which read ‘black pain is shit’,” Hutton said. What, might I ask, about white pain? Asian pain? Or any other race’s pain? That’s not what I would call very inclusive. Just sayin’.

This guy also claims that reverse racism doesn’t exist. “I would like to remind the good doctor that the reverse of racism is love, and celebration of difference. ‘Reverse Racism’ is a fantasy of white people who are keen to experience the kinds of oppression that they have used against indigenous people of this country,” Hutton said. Then what would you call it? Justice? You mean like that poor mentally handicapped white teenager in Chicago who was tortured by four young black thugs? Just shut it already… you make us ill.

A number of commenters have noted that a ten year-old has more debating ability and talent than this hack. Oh, I would stridently agree. A higher IQ as well.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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