Navajos Oppose Moonbats Who Obstruct on Their Behalf

by Dave Blount | August 5, 2013 3:11 pm

Striking a politically correct pose, moonbats including Robert Redford and Bill Richardson have been condemning wild horses to either miserable death by starvation or a comparably cruel if quicker end in Mexican slaughterhouses rather than let a legal business operate:

The Navajo Nation made a surprising [to some] move [last] week when it sent a letter to federal officials stating that it supports a New Mexico company’s plan to begin slaughtering horses and exporting their meat as soon as [this] week.

Valley Meat Company in Roswell, N.M., ran into a major hurdle … when a group of former high-level government officials joined the Humane Society of the United States and other animal-advocacy groups in opposing the issuance of a USDA “grant of inspection” to the company.

If red tape prevents the horses from being slaughtered here, it will happen abroad under less humane conditions.

Actor Robert Redford and former Gov. Bill Richardson had stated they were “standing with Native American leaders” to protect cultural values, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

However, Erny Zah, speaking on behalf of Navajo President Ben Shelly, said Wednesday that Navajo Nation, the country’s largest Indian reservation “can no longer support the estimated 75,000 feral horses that are drinking wells dry and causing ecological damage to the drought-stricken range,” the Tribune reports.

Libs like Redford are all about solidarity with the Indians and concern for the environment — until it interferes with their simplistic posturing:

The National Congress of American Indians, which represents tribes across the country, is also lobbying in support of Valley Meat Co., saying overgrazing by feral horses is causing serious environmental and ecological damage, reports the Salt Lake Tribune.

The Valley Meat Company wants to alleviate the crisis by humanely converting the starving overpopulation of wild horses into food for export. The moonbats who have opposed them in this commendable endeavor range all the way from federal bureauweenies to the presumably left-wing arsonist who damaged their refrigeration system recently. All are no doubt puffed up with high self-regard over their clueless but in their own eyes noble stand.

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