Nevada School: You Can Have A Gay Club, But Not A Pro-Life Club

No, not a night club. A school social club.

Remember the tyrannical principal who made life boring with all her stupid rules? It’s worse since you graduated from school. That same principal is now part of the Obamunist cult and will do things like this

A Nevada girl is calling out her high school after it banned her pro-life club while allowing other clubs, such as the gay-straight alliance.

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Junior Angelique Clark spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview, calling her school “unfair” for the double standard.

“I think it’s unfair mostly because the administration thinks it’s up to their opinion,” she told TheDCNF. “Because they don’t like the idea of a pro-life club, you can’t have it. It’s not up to the principal or the vice principal to say ‘I personally agree with you or don’t agree with you so you can’t have this club.’ I think it’s unfair because they obviously didn’t have that bias against the other clubs.”

Clark told TheDCNF that her school, the West Career and Technical Academy, has a gay-straight alliance club, chess club, Bible club, anime club, and others but won’t allow her pro-life club. She has about 25 people who already want to join.

When Clark requested to start the club in December of 2014, she says the school administrators dragged their feet.

When she finally got a meeting with the administration, the vice principal told her she couldn’t have the club because it was too “controversial”and that people would feel left out. She was also told that others were “more qualified” than her to speak on the subject.

Clark, who only has a few days left in her summer vacation, has teamed up with the Thomas More Society in filing a lawsuit against the school and the district. She told TheDCNF that a lawsuit was her last resort.

Of course it’s a public school. You didn’t even need to ask.

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