New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito Strikes a Pose With Another Che Guevara Fan

Normally, when you see some clueless dope in a Che Guevara shirt, it isn’t worth much more than a roll of the eyes. Sooner or later the fool will learn who Guevara actually was; hopefully this revelation will cause him or her to leave left-wing politics behind. With luck this occurs before the moonbat in question is old enough to vote. But this case is different:


The woman on the right is not a junior high student trying to annoy her parents or even a gullible coed sucking up to her Marxist professors, but New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.

Even in New York, which politically speaking has degenerated into a lunatic asylum run by the inmates, you can’t attain such a high level of political power without being sufficiently aware of reality to know what Guevara represents: unalloyed bloodthirsty tyranny.

Guevara was Fidel Castro’s executioner. Heinrich Himmler and Felix Dzerzhinsky held similar positions under the likeminded Hitler and Lenin, respectively. The difference with Guevara: he enjoyed killing so much that he did it personally. He even personally executed children.

This quote summarizes Guevara’s mentality:

We don’t need proof to execute a man. We only need proof that it’s necessary to execute him. A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.

Reminiscing on how he shot some helpless victim in the head at close range, Che sums up his political creed:

He went into convulsions for a while and was finally still. Now his belongings were mine.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Guevara’s boss wanted the Soviet Union to attack us with nuclear weapons. Here’s what Che had to say after the Soviets opted instead to remove the missiles:

“If the missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York. The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims.”

At the time, it wouldn’t have occurred to communists that they could destroy New York more thoroughly by taking over its government.

Why would Mark-Viverito pose for pictures with someone wearing a Che Guevara shirt? For the same reason she herself is wearing a communist red star in the picture above, in honor of the ideology in whose name communist governments killed over 100 million of their own citizens during the 20th century.

Mark-Viverito has nothing against Fidel’s executioner. From last November:


City Council speaker hopeful Melissa Mark-Viverito posted this image of herself – modeled after the iconic portrait of Che Guevara – months before Bill de Blasio was likened to the Marxist guerrilla for his love of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

“I take this as a compliment,” she wrote in an Instagram post that accompanied the homage to Fidel Castro’s right-hand the revolutionary.

The image was mocked up as a lark by Jorge Bendersky, a celebrity dog groomer connected with the councilwoman through Instagram and charity work.

“That was a joke,” Bendersky said. “It didn’t have any political background.”

No more political background than walking around with a swastika armband, anyway. Ask any Cuban.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the country’s largest city is now run by evil lunatics devoted to America’s demise. If New York were its own country instead of still at least nominally part of the USA, anyone suspected of engaging in non-coercive economic activity (i.e., capitalism) would be at risk of facing a firing squad — just like in every other country run by people who share Mark-Viverito’s ideology.

Even now, it could be worse. We could have someone who moves in Che Guevara–worshiping circles running the whole country.


On a tip from Varla. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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