Newsweek Denounces Americans for Having Good Hygiene

If moonbats wanted to just be kooks and leave the rest of us alone, like stinky hippies wallowing in the filth of a commune, that would be fine. But being liberals, they feel compelled to impose their kookiness on the rest of us through the media, schools, and government. They even demand that we smell like them. From Newsreek:

America, why do you scrub away your natural scent? Why do you douse yourself in chemicals each morning? Why do you waste so much water? Why do you equate a lack of odor with an absence of filth? Is it your cleanliness-next-to-godliness delusions? Do you really need to spend 15 minutes each morning under a scalding stream of water?

America, get out of the shower.

As always, America is exceptional — exceptionally bad, from the liberal point of view:

It’s hard to think of another nation so narrowly obsessed with so narrow a definition of cleanliness—namely, the American conviction that one must shower each day if one is to avoid becoming a social outcast. …

The world smells. Sometimes it stinks like New York in August. Sometimes the fragrance is lovely: a bakery in Paris, the ocean in winter. Among the most pleasing smells is after the earth takes a shower in the rain, a loamy perfume lingering in the air for hours afterward. The earth is never without smell. Why should we be? What is there to fear?

Smelling like a moonbat, that’s what.

I am happy to report that there is a nascent backlash against the daily shower. Glee star Naya Rivera said earlier this year that “showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”

Coming from what the liberal establishment media presents as our culture, calling something a “white people thing” is the ultimate denunciation. But she is right at least to the extent that soap was invented by whites, during the so-called Dark Ages. But then, most things of any use were invented by whites, even the TV sets through which Naya Rivera denounces hygiene and white people.

Rivera may look better than she smells.

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