Obama Caught On Video Agreeing With Trump’s Immigration Stance – Liberals About To IMPLODE!

Obama Caught On Video Agreeing With Trump’s Immigration Stance – Liberals About To IMPLODE!

The moment this video broke, it became the video that EVERY Obama loving, Trump hating American MUST SEE. For some reason everything Trump is doing with immigration is not okay, however when Obama or Bill Clinton say the VERY same thing… and say it loudly and clearly, it’s more than okay.


Mostly because liberals are ignorant and have no idea who they are supporting when they throw their weight behind people like Bill or Barack. They are simply just doing what their brainwashed numb skulls are bred to do.

Well, here’s a video that cuts away all the fat and leaves you with the meat.

A video that I hope you all make VIRAL…for one very important reason.

That reason being, to support our President. He’s proving to have our backs and put us first, we should do what we can to get his.

Also, because it’s freaking hilarious…

Grab the popcorn…you’ll watch this one on repeat.

A part of me really hopes that Trump sees this video eventually…only because he deserves a good laugh after the crap that these libtards and their overlord Obama have created for him to clean up.

Can you believe that? Word for word…both Bill and Obama have said and drawn the line on immigration that Trump is doing now, yet Trump is the racist bigot, who hates Mexicans.

It’s nonsense.

Anyone with a mind and eye for truth can plainly see that Trump is not a racist and in fact appreciates diversity, and respects it. That does not mean that law and order should be ignored though…

Democrats lack the ability to make the hard decisions for the greater good of a country as leaders. They just cannot. They are bought and sold by the puppet masters who own them.

Now that we have a grown-up who understands the ins and out of what it takes to be successful, we are all about to get tired of winning… right?

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