OOPS! Liberals ENRAGED Over This Easter Commercial Because…It’s Heterosexual [WATCH]

by McIntosh | March 23, 2017 10:02 pm

A British mega retail store is taking on the full strength of a major onrush by liberals ‘offended’[1] by an Easter campaign that featured a “traditional” family.

This Easter Bunny family at question in the HEMA promoted campaign included father, Charles; mother, Juliette; and their children Richard and Innez. The commercial displayed the celebrity rabbit family responding to questions about Easter, the job of concealing Easter eggs and taking part in a photo shoot.


But the traditional family scenario was way out of line for many of the leftists who felt that it was a cheap shot to their sensibilities and called the ad “too heterosexual,” even going as far as “sexist.”

Chantal Coolsma, a critic of the commercial ad who identifies as homosexual, shared her logic on the matter…revealing just why it offended her:

“Who says that the Easter Bunny is heterosexual? As a child, I grew up with the image of a single Easter Bunny who hid Easter eggs. Why must there suddenly now be a family involved?”

Radicals trying to push their agenda on something as innocent as an Easter Bunny commercial is utter nonsense…Much like their false anger. The world is full of agendas and the vast majority of them are as ridiculous as this one.

Arnold Drijver is a spokesman for the Netherlands-based retailer and couldn’t figure out what the big issue was for so many of the radicals. He reacted to the criticism with a blithesome reaction, informing those with an issue that the campaign isn’t about sexual orientation and therefore people should not view it as such.


“HEMA is happy that the Easter Bunny family wanted to cooperate with the Easter campaign. Besides that, the Easter Bunny family and HEMA especially want to make it a happy Easter celebration for children.”

These radicals are obsessed with sex. They might want to try some therapy…

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