Race-baiting “Dear White People” Netflix series gets ONE MILLION DISLIKES and starts BOYCOTT [VIDEO]

Race-baiting “Dear White People” Netflix series gets ONE MILLION DISLIKES and starts BOYCOTT [VIDEO]

WOW…just when you think the ‘stupid’ of this generation couldn’t get any worse. It takes a NOSEDIVE into an abyss of stupidness that there is no coming back from.

Maybe we should just scrap this generation… let them grow old being miserable and start helping the younger generation, there is still hope for them.

What do you say?

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Anyhow…a trailer for a very controversial new Netflix program has really rubbed America the wrong way. Now Netflix is losing customers like there’s no tomorrow.

More than 250,000 ‘dislikes’ have already been registered for the get this: “DEAR WHITE PEOPLE” preview, just 24 hours after it officially uploaded for viewing.

Oh and the comments in the comment section? No comparison.

Here check out the ridiculous concept right here for yourself:

I have to laugh…these sissy snowflakes need an island of their own. Just draw faces on a whole bunch of coconuts and watch them be offended by a silent coconut…over and over and over again. Because let’s face it, they don’t really have a reason for their ‘stupid’… they just are and it doesn’t matter what’s happening around them, they just like to hear themselves talk about being offended and acting like they are warriors for social justice. It makes them feel pretty. Or something…


Unsurprisingly, plenty of viewers expressed their displeasure in the YouTube comments section.

One wrote: ‘Not reverse racism, it’s just plain racism. Bye Netflix!’ while another added: ‘Amazon Prime is the new Netflix, and its better. Goodbye Netflix, enjoy your racism.’

A third chimed in: ‘I say this as a black person…I find it racist as hell. People find it funny when a black person is racist to a white person, but when the roles are reversed, man you are a horrible!

‘Sh*t like this is EXACTLY the reason why there is so much division in this country.’

Twitter got in on this too…

Journalist Paul Joseph Watson wrote: ‘If all the “white tears” over Netflix’s Dear White People are so funny, why did you delete 100,000 comments?’

One of his followers responded with a screen grab of the trailer boasting different viewing statistics, saying: ‘They pulled it and re-posted it – was over a million dislikes!’. Another uploaded proof of a membership cancellation, saying: ‘Dear Netflix…….from a white person!’.

But others have praised the show’s premise, saying: ‘It’s just a satire guys. Stop being triggered. There’s no regressive elements’.

HAHA! Oh, NOW it’s just a satire… of course.

One of the program’s writers, Jack Moore (remember that name), posted to Twitter and it just seemed to contradict the whole… “it’s just a satire” statement.

I don’t know, I could be wrong…what do you think?

He tweeted: ‘F***white people’


Yea, that does not sound like a joke at all. More like bitterness, or maybe he’s just hangry?

This is how the douchebags are describing the show:

A ‘witty comedy’ and explain that it ‘satirizes “post-racial” America as students of color navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college.’

Silly social justice, whining snowflakes that have only ever owned a participation trophy…I feel bad for your brains. It has to be AWFUL in there.

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