Reporter Asks ANTIFA Protesters Why They Are Protesting – They Have No Clue [VIDEO]

Reporter Asks ANTIFA Protesters Why They Are Protesting – They Have No Clue [VIDEO]

Antifa protesters have made a pretty big name for themselves over the past few weeks, as they’ve been able to make huge headlines by showing up in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest white supremacists and then again in Phoenix to protest a Donald Trump rally. But what exactly are they trying to accomplish with their protests? Apparently, even they don’t know.

Austen “Fleccas” Fletcher traveled to Laguna Beach in California, where Antifa protesters had descended to protest… something. When Fletcher asked them what they were upset about, very few of them had any clue.

The protesters were against the “alt-Right”, but they didn’t seem to understand what the alt-Right actually is. They also advocated for violence, saying that neo-Nazis should be murdered.

One female protester was asked to describe the alt-Right. “It’s kind of like, newer rightist ideology that tries to — ” she began, but soon trailed off. “I feel like I’m an idiot because I’m on the spot right now.”

“So the ‘alt-Right,’ I would call it a loose connection of this new wave right-wing sort of — not radicals — but they have a strong emphasis on white supremacy,” another protester said. “Maybe not even white supremacy, but more capitalism and closed borders.” Yet another member of Antifa, wearing a hat with a stuffed penis attached to it, said that he wanted open borders, although he admitted that he needed to do some “research.” Another protester said that the reason there are so few Nazis in Laguna Beach is because “that’s probably registered Nazis.”

But it was the protesters who covered their faces who were most likely to call for violence. “Find your Nazis, beat them, take them of their Nazi paraphernalia, and then leave them alive hurting and bleeding in their cowardice,” one person said. Another agreed, saying, “Same way we dealt with them in World War II: kill them. There’s no other way.” Violence even broke out while Fletcher was reporting. Meanwhile, another protester complained that we have “yet to have a communist state.”

These people are probably pretty embarrassed right about now — and for good reason.

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