Ronald Reagan Showed the Right Way to Deal with Rioting Liberals at Berkeley [VIDEO]

Ronald Reagan Showed the Right Way to Deal with Rioting Liberals at Berkeley [VIDEO]

Back in 1969, the Governor of California was our beloved Ronald Reagan, who is still remembered today as one of our greats.

It was during this time that he was also dealing with protesters at the University of California-Berkeley. Unlike Obama, it wasn’t safe places he was focused on creating for the ungrateful cry babies in rage mode. Nor did he tender his resignation to go find his own safe place…because he was not feeling, well, like Hillary.

What he did was set out to handle it and handle it he did.

Now his actions that day are considered as one of the most controversial actions taken by a governor in all of American history…because, well… he’s a grown-up and being politically correct is not an option.

Reagan went ahead and gave the order to the California Highway Patrol and the Berkeley police to “use whatever method they chose against the protesters.”

His words, not mine.

As instructed, the police used the force they found necessary to use on the protesters. They soon opened fire on the protesters with buckshot and tear gas. Over 120 were admitted to the local hospital that day and 1 student died.

Yes. Dead. Dying over a parking lot…that’s just first rate stupid right there.

When Reagan was asked about the order he gave to the police, he did not stutter and he didn’t use a string of big words that made no sense and never actually answered the question like Obama. Nor did he suddenly have a brain fart and forget about giving the order in the first place like Hillary.

He simply responded firmly…

“All of it began the first time some of you who know better, and are old enough to know better, let young people think that they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest”

There is absolutely NOTHING I can say to follow-up on that statement. It is perfection.

I’ll just exit stage right now and call it a day.

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