Salon: Say, Liberal Cities And States Are Really Horrible Places For Sexism And Hatred

by William Teach | March 18, 2016 7:14 am

I’m not sure Salon really thought about it when they re-posted an article from ultra-leftist Alternet regarding sexism and race hate and stuff

The 10 most bigoted cities in America, according to Twitter[1]
New research measures the frequency that social media users across the country resort to hate speech

In many ways, social media provides an unfiltered look into the American psyche, its prejudices and biases included. Just last week, when a young Mexican-American man sang the national anthem at a Democratic debate, racists took to Twitter to express their indignation. And when a film trailer revealed that the cast of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens included several non-white actors, including a black lead, several people tried to launch a boycott because the film had “barely has any whites in it.”

Language aimed at women on social media often takes on sexist and misogynist overtones, particularly when women write about issues such as feminism. And for women of color, the intersection of racism and sexism can create a particularly hostile environment, thanks to every anonymous troll with 140 characters worth of bile to spill.

Words matter, which is why this side of social media is both ugly and telling. You can learn a lot about a community by the frequency of its residents’ use of racial slurs on social media. Abodo[2], an apartment hunting site, decided to take a close look at tweets sent from around the country. Between June 2014 and December 2015, they assessed 12 million tweets, looking out for racist, sexist, fatist, transphobic, ableist and other types of slurs, and were able to identify where those users were most concentrated.

We used to say “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Nowadays, any minor little word can cause Offense where no offense was meant and mean we need a National Conversation. The article contains all sorts of charts showing this Offense. The states with the worst and least derogatory language are a smattering of both Republican and Democratic ones. This applies similarly to “anti-black” language by state and city.

Anti-Hispanic tweets are primarily in Democratic Party run cities. I think they forgot the one about States, as there are two of the same graphics by city. But, what about negative language against women?

While it is certainly spread out, we can certainly see a disproportionate amount of derogatory language against Women in Democratic Party states. How about cities?

Of all those cities, only Baton Rouge and maybe Arlington, Tx, can be consider right-leaning cities. The rest are lock, stock, and barrel Leftist cities.

What about gays? Liberals are super supportive of gays, right?

Once again, the majority are from Democratic Party run cities. There was no state graphic. So, how about Transgender hate by state?

There’s quite a bit in Liberal run areas. Shouldn’t they all be green for best? Breaking it down by city, all Democratic Party run cities. We see the same pattern when it comes to “cognitively disabled” and overweight people.

Why are Democrats using such ugly, racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and hateful language on Twitter?

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