Snap! New UN Report Mostly Blames Liberals For ‘Climate Change’

by William Teach | April 1, 2011 9:00 am

Humorously, Grist, along with other climate alarmist sites, have been pushing the notion that everyone needs to move to a city for a sustainable lifestyle, yet, there’s a bit of a problem[1]

The world’s cities are going to have to move aggressively to curb their greenhouse-gas emissions, or the whole planet is going to pay for it.

That’s the word in a new report from the United Nations Human Settlement Program, or UN-HABITAT[2]. The report is called “Hot Cities: Battle-Ground for Climate Change,” (you can find a summary and links to purchase the full report here[3]). It paints a dire picture of how an increasingly urban and wealthy global population could mean “potentially devastating effects of climate change on urban populations”:

How so? From the report

According to the report, the world’s cities are responsible for up to 70 per cent of harmful greenhouse gases while occupying just 2 per cent of its land. What goes on in cities, and how they manage their impact on the environment, lies at the core of the problem. It is the combination of urbanization’s fast pace and the demand for development that poses the major threat.

And cities are comprised mostly of …… liberals and Democrat voters! So, liberals are the primary cause of globull warming! It’s mostly their fault!

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