Strange: Most Gun Violence Occurs In Liberal Hotbeds

by William Teach | January 22, 2013 9:22 am

Starting off with a letter to the editor of the Washington Post[1], providing an uncomfortable truth

The fact that President Obama’s second inauguration was held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is ripe with symbolism. But our nation’s first black president has done too little to champion the social equality at the core of King’s message. We remain a wealthy nation marred by poverty and violence, which disproportionately affect the black community. Mr. Obama’s recent gun proposals, hailed by many as a bold move, once again skirt the real problems we face. The president was galvanized into action by a massacre in a white, middle-class, suburban community. In reality, more than half of gun homicide victims[2] in 2010 were black, while blacks compose just 13 percent of our population[3]. Four U.S. cities rank among the top 50 worldwide in murder rates[4].

And just how bad are the big cities, which tend to be liberal? Here’s the Atlantic[5], with a spiffy map that compares the rate of gun murders to foreign countries and finds

Strange. All those places tend to be hives of Progressive ideals. Even big cities like Houston and Phoenix tend to lean left. Perhaps we should simply restrict those who vote Democrat from owning guns. Oh, wait, in most of those areas they are restricted, along with everyone else. Except criminals.

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