The Swing State Of NC Can Teach Us About Political Polarization Or Something

It’s always enjoyable when uber-liberals, like Kim Soffen, Ted Mellnik, Samuel Granados and John Muyskens at the Washington Post, tell us what’s happening in a Southern state

What one swing state can teach us about political polarization in America
North Carolina’s electorate, facing multiple contentious elections, is starkly divided by race, income and, increasingly, education.


For a window into how this polarization is affecting this year’s election, just look at North Carolina. It’s one of the most coveted battlegrounds in the country — RealClearPolitics puts Donald Trump up by just 0.8 points — and it’s facing a number of other contentious electoral battles. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, a supporter of the highly controversial law requiring transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their birth gender, is in a tight reelection battle. So is Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican with a narrow lead in his reelection contest, according to recent polling; his race could determine which party controls the Senate. And that’s not to mention the controversy surrounding the recently struck down voter ID laws.

I’m not sure why keeping fake women out of locker rooms, showers, and changing rooms (among others) of real females is highly controversial. I guess it’s a liberal thing. Right up till a gender confused wants access to those rooms that their underage daughter uses.

Polls indicate there will be shifts in support from demographic groups, with highly educated whites moving toward Hillary Clinton and less-educated and working-class whites moving toward Trump. Between these two factors, there’s a good deal of uncertainty surrounding the election’s outcome.

The article never truly teaches us anything but what Northern liberals assume. Certainly, there is a divide on race. Liberals have used Big Government policies for decades to keep Blacks beholden to government while keeping them stuck in poverty. Which also plays into education and income. The lower teacher pay wasn’t caused by Republicans: Democrats controlled spending for most of the last 50 years. Republicans came in and raised teacher pay, despite the talking points you hear from Dems.

Certainly, education is a divide. But, not what you think. It’s along the lines of the education system being run by Democrats, who use this important job to fill the heads of children with leftist mush.

Finally mentioned in the story is the rural vs urban divide, in which, as you can expect, the WP writers sneer at those rural folks they think are stupid. They forget that country doesn’t mean dumb. How would liberals eat without the rural folks? But, liberals have the notion that rural folks are just dumb hicks, which brings us to a real divide.

That divide would be all the Northern liberals escaping the states they turned into utter messes and moving down South. Having done things like drastically increasing the size and scope of government, not too mention jacking up taxes and the cost of living, oh, and making those states and especially the big cities crime ridden hell holes, Northern liberals leave, looking for something better. Unfortunately, they bring their same stupid ideas which ruined their cities and states with them and vote for the same stupidity. They tell us they don’t like how we do things here, and want us to change.

It’s like moving into your parents house and telling them the way you want things to work. We have an answer. 95 and 85 run north and south. 40 runs west. Pick a direction and leave.

So, it’s funny how liberals rarely want to move from their liberal states to other liberal states. It’s almost like they want to live somewhere nicer with lower taxes, lower crime, and better living conditions. When they move, they should assimilate. They remind us about what we’re seeing in Europe as all the Muslims are brought in and refuse to assimilate, bringing their violent and regressive culture with them.

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