The Doctrine of Equivalence

Equality is the holy grail for liberals; when government has become powerful enough to force those of us who are not part of the ruling oligarchy to all to be as equal as blades of grass in a field, utopia will have been achieved. So they impose equality on the world around them with the concept of equivalence. The result is invariably insanity.

Examples are everywhere:

Men and woman are equal. Therefore, women should serve in combat situations; never mind if they are a deadly liability to themselves and those on their side.

It is not a problem that Obama has run up the national debt to the point that it threatens to collapse the entire economy, because George W. Bush also ran up the debt, even if by $trillions less.

It doesn’t matter if over 21,000 lethal acts of Islamic terror have been committed since 9/11; someone once bombed an abortion clinic, so Christianity is just as bad.

I once had it explained to me that it is morally acceptable to turn over innocent children to be raised by perverts because heterosexuals sometimes molest children too. That they are much less likely to do so is irrelevant under the doctrine of equivalence.

Here’s an example from the art world:

The art of graffiti–and the artists who practice it–craft letterforms, draft perspective, and merge line, color, and form with the same techniques employed by Renaissance masters like Albrecht Dürer. Now the work of graffiti and tattoo artists–just like those of Dürer–are part of the Getty’s rare-book collections via a monumental, 150-artist collaboration called LA Liber Amicorum, more popularly known as the Getty Graffiti Black Book.

With a straight face, the custodians of culture are telling us that Renaissance masterpieces are of no more value than the mess some crack-addled punk spray paints on the side of a derelict tenement.

Maybe liberals actually believe in their own intellectual posturing; that is, maybe they are literally insane. Or maybe we are witnessing an act of vandalism that dwarfs all the graffiti in the world. Maybe they are destroying the concept of value on purpose, as Ayn Rand proposed through the character Ellsworth Toohey in The Fountainhead.

Albrecht Dürer madonna  graffiti vandalism
If you can tell the difference, they haven’t killed your soul yet.

On a tip from DJ. Hat tip: The Thinking Housewife. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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