The Wages Of Socialism In Europe

by John Hawkins | May 23, 2011 5:16 am

Socialism AKA liberalism is a philosophy that tells you the world does owe you a living. If your life stinks, it’s because some rich guy is somehow making money that should have been handed to you on a silver platter by the government. Liberalism tells you all about your “rights,” but nothing about your “responsibilities.”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in the real world and to the extent it does, it’s because it leeches off of the better, more responsible people who don’t subscribe to liberalism…..

…….and when you try it, eventually there’s a huge price to be paid as they’re finding in Europe[1].

…Fueling the demonstrators’ anger is the perceived failure by politicians to alleviate the hardships imposed on a struggling population. The unemployment rate in Spain is 21 percent.

Beyond economic complaints, the protesters’ demands include improving the judiciary, ending political corruption and overhauling Spain’s electoral structure, notably by ending the system in which candidates are selected internally by the parties before an election rather than chosen directly by voters.

…Debt restructuring is not under discussion,” Papandreou said in an interview in Sunday newspaper Ethnos.

Greece has no other option but to follow through its fiscal plan, ECB governing council member Ewald Nowotny told Greek newspaper To Vima Saturday. “For the ECB, the line is one and clear: you have to implement the commitments you have made.”

Greece is considering deeper cuts in public sector wages and further tax increases on a range of products and professions to qualify for more aid, Greek newspapers said Saturday.

…Eighty percent of respondents told pollster MRB they refused to make any further sacrifices to get more EU/IMF aid, an MRB poll for paper Realnews showed.

…But Papandreou warned that any failure to push through the plan might lead the country straight to default. “At the moment, it does not seem as if Greece can cover its 2012 borrowing needs… from the market,” he said in the interview.

…The International Monetary Fund on Friday approved a 26 billion euro ($36.8 billion) loan for Portugal to help the country recover from a debilitating sovereign debt crisis, saying it would immediately disburse 6.1 billion euros to ease investor concerns over the euro zone member’s debts.

The IMF said in a statement that total financing to Portugal in 2011 will include about 12.6 billion euros from the IMF and another 25.2 billion euros from the European Union. The funding is part of a joint IMF/EU 78 billion euro ($110 billion) bailout package

…Raise your hand if you believe Portugal’s problems are over.

My quick count shows zero hands are in the air.

It would be nice to learn something from all of this, but unfortunately, liberals don’t learn from the failures of their policies. So instead, all we’re getting is an advanced preview of America once liberals do their magic and send it twirling a little further down the toilet.

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