USA wins a GOLD medal and Liberals lose their minds (in a bad way) [VIDEO]

by Frank Lea | August 7, 2016 3:54 am

Of course the USA can’t win a gold medal without the loser liberals ruining the celebration and fun. Time to crawl back into their safe spaces and stop complaining about every little thing in their snowflake agenda. Team USA won a gold medal in a shooting[1] competition and of course liberals and gun-grabbers wept through the night and day.

Here’s two exhibits of a liberal hating their life.

liberal 2 liberal

How about a “great job, USA” or maybe even a “let’s get another Gold” would suffice. But no, of course the liberal losers have to cry and urinate in their pants over every little thing.

What would make this gold medal even better is if there was a liberal at the business end of each rifle.

Then we could get rid of the safe spaces and go back to being a great country again.

The South Park video explains the life of a liberal the best.

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