Why Do Hampton U’s Black Students Hate White People?

Hampton University in Virginia made a huge mistake. They took Barack Obama’s post racial world idea and, thinking it was already here, anointed a white chick as its “Miss Hampton University” pageant winner. Now some of the black students are mad that the traditionally black university named a white girl as “Miss Hampton U.”


I guess we aren’t in that era of Obama like we thought we were. I guess we aren’t quite done with all that racial strife that we keep hearing about on the news, eh? I hate it when the man… er, the bro… is always keeping the white chicks down! Can’t we just get along?

On a serious note, I think we should demand that the heartless, racist students of Hampton University be forced to endure “diversity training” or face expulsion. This sort of hate should be excoriated. And now that Congress has made such hate crimes even more hatey than before thanks to its new hate crimes legislation, I certainly expect some of these racist students, these hatemongers at Hampton U, to go to jail.

Why’s it gotta be like that, man?

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