Woman’s Top 10 Reason’s She DITCHED Being A “LEFTIST” Goes Viral, You’ll Never Guess Why!

Woman’s Top 10 Reason’s She DITCHED Being A “LEFTIST” Goes Viral, You’ll Never Guess Why!

Dr. Danusha V. Goska has written a fantastic article entitled: “Top Ten Reasons I Am No Longer a Leftist.” I won’t reprint all of it, but I highly recommend you read all of it at The Federalist Papers Project… here. Her post details ten reasons why she went from being an extreme leftist, to voting
Republican in the last election. This is the same reasoning and logic I hear time and again from those who have escaped communism… they become the most ardent of freedom supporters here in the US. It is a perspective from experience and is unique to ex-comrades.

Her topics include: Huffiness, Selective Outrage, It’s the thought that counts, Leftists hate my people, I believe in God, Straw men and “In order to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs,” It doesn’t work, Other approaches work better and Hate. She’s detailed and explains how each of those turned her away from the left when it was all she had ever known. In closing, her last line said it all: “I needed to leave the left, I realized, when I decided that I wanted to spend time with people building, cultivating, and establishing, something that they loved.” In the end, it comes down to that… do you want to build or destroy? The left is all about destruction and hate.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Dr. Danusha V. Goska was a lifelong liberal who “could not conceive of ever being anything but a leftist.”

Her fantastic column, “Top Ten Reasons I Am No Longer a Leftist,” details how and why her philosophies changed.

From DownTrend:

How far left was I? So far left my beloved uncle was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party in a Communist country. When I returned to his Slovak village to buy him a mass card, the priest refused to sell me one. So far left that a self-identified terrorist proposed marriage to me. So far left I was a two-time Peace Corps volunteer and I have a degree from UC Berkeley. So far left that my Teamster mother used to tell anyone who would listen that she voted for Gus Hall, Communist Party chairman, for president. I wore a button saying “Eat the Rich.” To me it wasn’t a metaphor.

I voted Republican in the last presidential election.

You can bet that the left is furious that one of their own would dare call them out and state the truth. But Danusha did. For that, she was probably disowned by her family, cut off by her friends and acquaintances and proceeded to embark on a long, slow and lonely journey into the light. People wonder why I rant and rave about communists. This is why. Their philosophy destroys lives and is filled with hate. I rejoice every time one more person renounces the left and communism and I count it as a win for humanity and for God.

This is a woman who had the pragmatism and honesty to truly assess how she was living and how she viewed the world. She found it wanting in the extreme. I have a number of close friends that are former communists and a number of American friends who now reside in communist countries. It takes on a whole new meaning when you live under the yoke of communism or are exposed to it by no choice of your own. I would hope people would read Danusha’s writing and take heed. We are never far from the evil of communism and must fight to keep it at bay.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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