ZOMG! Ted Cruz Is Guest Of Two Gay Businessmen, Who Must Be Punished!

by William Teach | April 24, 2015 6:50 am

As PJ Media’s[1] Paula Boyard notes “NY Times Freakout: Ermagersh! Ted Cruz Has Gay Friends — and Supporters!!!” This is like completely crazy!!!!!

(NY Times[2]) Senator Ted Cruz has positioned himself as a strong opponent of same-sex marriage, urging pastors nationwide to preach in support of marriage as an institution between a man and a woman, which he said was “ordained by God.”

But on Monday night, at a reception for him at the Manhattan apartment of two prominent gay hoteliers, the Texas senator and Republican presidential hopeful struck quite a different tone.

During the gathering, according to two people present, Mr. Cruz said he would not love his daughters any differently if one of them was gay. He did not mention his opposition to same-sex marriage, saying only that marriage is an issue that should be left to the states.

The dinner and “fireside chat” for about a dozen people with Mr. Cruz and his wife, Heidi, was at the Central Park South penthouse of Mati Weiderpass and Ian Reisner, longtime business partners who were once a couple and who have been pioneers in the gay hospitality industry. (snip)

Mr. Cruz has honed his reputation as a grass-roots firebrand, and was strongly supportive of the Indiana religious exceptions law that was recently blasted as discriminatory by gay rights activists. When the law was attacked by major businesses like Walmart, he criticized the “Fortune 500’s radical gay marriage agenda.” (snip)

Mr. Cruz also told the group that Peter Thiel, an openly gay investor, is a close friend of his, Mr. Sporn said. Mr. Thiel has been a generous contributor to Mr. Cruz’s campaigns.

So, this happened Monday, and was Important Enough News for Maggie Haberman to write a long article on Thursday. Because, seriously, how could Ted Cruz possibly hang with gays when he opposes gay marriage? This is completely illogical in Liberal World.

Of course, what this unintentionally exposes is the false “homophobe!!!!!!!!” narrative from the Left. Just because someone opposes gay marriage due to their religious beliefs doesn’t mean opposing the person who is gay. It doesn’t mean hating, despising, loathing, etc, the gay person. It simply means that one opposes gay marriage due to their religious beliefs. Ted Cruz can have gay friends, can talk to gays, can enjoy the friendship of their company, but still not support gay marriage.

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If you’re a left-leaning reporter who believes that the only reason half of Americans oppose same sex marriage is because they’re hateful bigots who are acting out of raw animus, events and statements like this cause you all kinds of cognitive dissonance and consternation. All good leftist reporters believe in the deepest recesses of their hearts that mean-spirited Republicans who disagree with the push for same sex marriage never, ever associate with gay people — unless they’re snooping around in their bedrooms.

Of course, this has driven Lefties nuts. Here’s what we get from gay rights activist blogger Joe. My. God[3]

News about the fundraiser has also ignited the gay blogosphere and a Facebook group[4] calling for a boycott of the hoteliers’ properties already has 1000 members.

And liberals call Conservatives intolerant? Much like with Blacks and other interest groups, any who step off the Democrat plantation Must Be Punished.

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