The 15 Best Websites To Read For Conservative Columnists

by John Hawkins | April 5, 2012 4:06 am

Yesterday, I put together a list of The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet[1]. Today, I wanted to do a list of the best websites to check out if you want to read conservative columns — other than Right Wing News, of course. Enjoy.

15) WND:[2] There’s some good stuff in there if you weed through enough “kooky.”
14) Jewish World Review:[3] Still out there and kicking.
13) The American Spectator:[4] It has a solid core of excellent columnists.
12) The New York Post[5] Surpringly willing to go outside of the conventional MSM box.
11) Human Events:[6] Reportedly, it’s getting out of the conservative mag biz.
10) City Journal:[7] Great material, but slower to publish than the others on the list.
9) The Daily Caller:[8] More a news site, but still good columns.
8) The Washington Examiner:[9] Nice work for a paper.
7) The American Thinker:[10] Solid with a lot of new content.
6) The Wall Street Journal:[11] A little too establishment-conservative friendly, but the WSJ still runs some quality work.
5) PJ Media:[12] Up and coming.
4) National Review:[13] Generally high quality columns.
3) FrontPage Magazine:[14] A little radical Islam centered, but still good.
2) RealClearPolitics:[15] There’s a heavy chaff to wheat ratio, but there are quality columns up every day.
1) Townhall:[16] Easily the best. Nothing else comes close.

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