The 40 Best Conservative Blogs For 2011 (Version 4.0)

by John Hawkins | December 12, 2011 8:40 am

It’s time for me to rank my favorite blogs for the 4th quarter of 2011.

Do keep in mind that as the quarter has progressed, some blogs have, of course, moved up and others have dropped, based on how often I visit them, how much I like what I see when I get there, how often the blogs are updated, etc., etc. Also, as per usual, do keep in mind that this sort of list changes frequently over time based on a variety of factors. So if a blog didn’t get included, it’s no big deal — it could be on the list next time. Let me also add that there are some very good blogs that I read almost daily, that didn’t make the list. If you see any blogs on there that you’re not familiar with, make sure to check them out. Here’s the list:

40) Wintery knight[1]
39) Creative Minority Report[2]
38) American Power[3]
37) Conservatives4Palin[4]
36) This Ain’t Hell[5]
35) Gay Patriot[6]
34) I Own The World[7]
33) The Conservative Commune[8]
32) American Glob[9]
31) Maggie’s Farm[10]
30) Patterico’s Pontifications[11]
29) The Mellow Jihadi[12]
28) The Jawa Report[13]
27) QandO[14]
26) Riehl World View[15]
25) Megan McArdle[16]
24) Big Hollywood[17]
23) Vox Popoli[18]
22) Jammie Wearing Fool[19]
21) The Lonely Conservative[20]
20) Althouse[21]
19) YidwithLid[22]
18) IMAO[23]
17) Big Government[24]
16) Legal Insurrection[25]
15) The Campaign Spot[26]
14) Redstate[27]
13) Verum Serum[28]
12) Weasel Zippers[29]
11) Atlas Shrugs[30]
10) The Corner[31]
9) Moonbattery[32]
8) Naked DC[33]
7) Michelle Malkin[34]
6) Big Journalism[35]
5) Gateway Pundit[36]
4) Newsbusters[37]
3) Ace Of Spades HQ[38]
2) Instapundit[39]
1) Hot Air[40]

PS: I decided that in order to be fair, I couldn’t add any of the bloggers who now blog for RWN or Pajamas Media[41], where I semi-regularly write columns. Be aware that most of these blogs would make the list and all of them are definitely worth checking out. When you find a new blogger you like on RWN, it’s always a good idea to click over to his or her blog and read all of his or her work.

  1. Wintery knight:
  2. Creative Minority Report:
  3. American Power:
  4. Conservatives4Palin:
  5. This Ain’t Hell:
  6. Gay Patriot:
  7. I Own The World:
  8. The Conservative Commune:
  9. American Glob:
  10. Maggie’s Farm:
  11. Patterico’s Pontifications:
  12. The Mellow Jihadi:
  13. The Jawa Report:
  14. QandO:
  15. Riehl World View:
  16. Megan McArdle:
  17. Big Hollywood:
  18. Vox Popoli:
  19. Jammie Wearing Fool:
  20. The Lonely Conservative:
  21. Althouse:
  22. YidwithLid:
  23. IMAO:
  24. Big Government:
  25. Legal Insurrection:
  26. The Campaign Spot:
  27. Redstate:
  28. Verum Serum:
  29. Weasel Zippers:
  30. Atlas Shrugs:
  31. The Corner:
  32. Moonbattery:
  33. Naked DC:
  34. Michelle Malkin:
  35. Big Journalism:
  36. Gateway Pundit:
  37. Newsbusters:
  38. Ace Of Spades HQ:
  39. Instapundit:
  40. Hot Air:
  41. Pajamas Media:

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