Liveblog Of Obama’s Speech

by John Hawkins | January 27, 2010 10:30 pm

I was liveblogging Obama’s speech on Twitter as part of a feed that CBS[1] was running on their website. Since I’m done, I thought I’d go ahead and report it here.

* Let me get started early: Obama, you lie!!!

* Has any President every walked out and said, “The State of the Union is…aw, who am I kidding. Run while you still can!!!”

* I love Joe Biden’s earnest nodding in the background. It may be his biggest contribution as VP.

* No, we didn’t “all” hate the bank bailout. We didn’t want to do it. You did, buddy.

* How about the banks that didn’t get “Rescued”? Like they don’t owe the tax?

* That number — 2 million “saved or created.” Completely made up from scratch.

* Also known as the bill that cost more than the Iraq and Vietnam wars together that didn’t help the economy at all.

* New jobs bill. Translation. The old bill didn’t work, so we want to do it again.

* Let’s fritter away the TARP money that hasn’t been wasted yet.

* Ah, wipe out the capital gains tax. Excellent. Best idea he’s had yet.

* RT @aravosis: RT @joshorton: Please, please don’t make me look at Geithner anymore | Ha!

* Thank God for gridlock. It’s the only thing that saves us from these morons.

* These nations are becoming more capitalist while we’re moving in the opposite direction and becoming more socialist.

* The problems that are hampering our growth: the size of government, high taxes, too many regulations, government meddling

* Huzzah for more nuclear power plants and offshore drilling. Course, Democrats are the ones blocking it. ANWR? Anybody?

* Manbearpig exists! We SWEAR IT DOES. Ignore the phony data! It doesn’t mean anything.

* At this point, Obama has churned out so much billious bullflop, that he’ll need actions, not speeches to change people’s minds.

* Failing schools? Like the ones in DC? Where you killed the voucher program that was helping kids?

* Good Lord, does this clown ever stop coming up with “good ideas” to spend more of our money on?


* We still need to destroy our health care system with Obamacare. #ScottBrownfail

* Do you think anybody buys what Obama is saying about health care at this point? He has said this same stuff 50 times.

* Obamacare would raise premiums, increase deficits, lead to rationing, death panels, and reduced quality of care.

* Ehr….Obama spent the last 40 minutes talking about billions in new spending. Now, he’s going to lecture on deficits?

* A discretionary freeze? Good idea. Know what would save more? Scrapping all the spending from the start of the speech.

* Oh boy! A “blue ribbon panel!” They never fail!

* Hearing Obama talk tough about deficit spending would be like listening to Ted Kennedy lecture people on safe driving.

* The Obama solution to deficits: Spend more than anyone in history and blame it on Bush.

* We have to limit the influence of lobbyists — like the ones in your administration?

* We need earmark reform to help stop the sort of bills I’ve been signing left and right since I got into office.

* Barack Obama is complaining about people waging a “perpetual campaign?” Hahahahaah!

* After blaming all his problems on Bush, Obama lectures everyone on bipartisanship. Too funny.

* Let’s hug terrorists until their hearts fill with love!

* RT @mkhammer: Republican leadership is required for my Democratic SUPERMAJORITY to pass anything

* Say the word “Win” in reference to these wars. For once. Please???

* Oh boy! An international summit! Those always produce action!

* Except in Honduras, where my administration tried to back a wannabe dictator over people who wanted democracy.

* Well, not my ideals that forged America. I think those values suck.

* They’re definitely not Democratic values or labor values.

* So, what role does government and Presidents who lie constantly have to do with that cynicism

* If our government from 200 years ago was here now, they’d tar and feather Obama and his whole cabinet

* I wish that “fundamental decency” lived on in our government instead of just in the hearts of the American people.

* Summary: Good delivery. Handful of good ideas. Mostly bad ideas. May get a small temp bump from this, but that’s it. Grade: C

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