Next Human Right: Equalized Housing Paid for by Others

by Dave Blount | April 13, 2017 3:24 pm

What is the next notch in the ratchet, after healthcare has been accepted as a right? The Guardian's Poppy Noor argues for housing:

Housing inequality in Britain today strips people of their humanity. Walking under archways, it’s hard not to notice homeless people shivering in sleeping bags, trying to remain inanimate, like the other non-human forms on the street that for some reason seem to attract far less abuse and outright disdain. The MPs elected to protect them push past without a second for compassion, righteously asking over Twitter why people can’t take their suffering elsewhere.

Just a roof over everyone’s head would not be enough, because until absolute equality has been imposed, nothing will ever be enough.

Less visible forms of homelessness can also be life-limiting. Hostel living can feel like a life as a character in a play, moving from one claustrophobic, impersonal set to another. In council housing, you might end up with a person you don’t know rewriting the script, too. That person can ship you out of your local area at a moments’ notice, uproot your children from their schools, take you away from your job – and from your friends, family and local connections.

Yet she is enthused that free housing would allow the masterminds to control where people live:

But with free state housing, the wealth of the country could be spread more evenly, with an industrial strategy encouraging jobs outside of London and the south east, therefore alleviating housing pressures in those regions.

As for rewarding the lazy,

Rather than rewarding those who haven’t worked for it, recognising housing as a human right would deal with some of those who are truly rewarded for being lazy. Like inheriting parents’ homes: a surefire way to keep money in the hands of the families who’ve always had it. A world where homes were free wouldn’t unfairly penalise such people, just ensure that others get to start on the same level.

No matter how hard you work, no matter what you contribute to society, your kids will be no better off than anybody else’s. You can’t have both equality and motivation, any more than you could have both equality and freedom.

After housing has been established as a human right, and housing equality has been imposed, next up will be food. At least we won’t have to worry about packing on extra pounds, once we have all been forced onto a socialist Maduro Diet.

poppy noor
Poppy demands everyone pay for everyone else’s house.

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