OUTRAGE: CNN Host Leads Violent ANTIFA Protest – Then They Beat Up A Prayer Group [VIDEO]

OUTRAGE: CNN Host Leads Violent ANTIFA Protest – Then They Beat Up A Prayer Group [VIDEO]

Last night, Tucker Carlson exposed a CNN host to be a major Antifa supporter. This isn’t just one of their contributors. W. Kamau Bell hosts United Shades of America on the Fake News Network and, as Tucker proved, was recently a speaker at an Antifa rally in Berkeley.

What happened at this rally should be enough to make national news, the fact that a Clinton News Network host was one of their speakers at the event should make it even more so. The rally turned violent (surprise) and Bell led the violent hippies in an anti-prayer protest. Bell calls himself a “provocateur” and so he went to the “No Hate in the Bay” rally  with a bullhorn. He told the crowd, “When the Nazis leave… you have to stand up for the black people, for the brown people, for the LGBT people, for the immigrants, for everybody!”

So, if you have to stand up for everybody, doesn’t that already include the groups he just mentioned? You don’t have to stand up for Nazis, but you do have to stand up for immigrants. I follow you on the not standing up for Nazis bit but why do you have to list off the other groups of people? Maybe logic isn’t his strong point.

Anyway, this “anti-hate” event was organized specifically to act as a counter to a prayer group organized by Joey Gibson. The Patriot Prayer leader was captured on video backing away with his hands in the air in a sign of non-aggression, from the masked Antifa members that approached him. No matter to Antifa, because they pepper-sprayed him anyway. Another man who was filming the event. but not involved, Keith Campbell, was knocked over and pummeled by Antifa. Campbell was helped by a liberal who took some of the blows in an effort to protect him from the violent Antifa members.

But CNN’s Bell called them Nazis, which opened season on beating up people participating in a prayer circle. Joey Gibson is politically moderate, but facts don’t matter.

A reporter at Mother Jones says on Twitter that it was like, totally not a violent rally though.


Tucker points out that if the situation were reversed and a Fox News host were attending a rally where their masked supporters attempted to kill Hillary supporters (or people who looked like they might be Hillary supporters), the very least that would happen would be that his show would be cancelled. So far, CNN has not responded to questions.

The top comment on the video states: “I was so disappointed to find out that Kamau Bell is a racist. I used to like him and his show, but no more.”

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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