Socialism is failing everywhere except for this one very important location

Socialism is failing everywhere except for this one very important location

Socialism doesn’t work… it never has. Currently it is failing across the planet. The only ones stupid enough currently who seem to want it are America and possibly Canada. It’s being rejected everywhere else and either the Marxists are being kicked out or Islamists are taking over. Which is even worse. We had a free market in this country, but the Progressives just had to mess with it and Obama has taken us deep into socialist territory with Obamacare and other policies. Economies and governments fall when you mix socialism/communism with control. France, for example, elected a socialist, Francois Hollande, as president in 2012. Today, France suffers a 10.3% jobless rate and 25% youth unemployment. Growth is less than 1%. America as well, in reality, has a jobless rate pushing 25-30%. I detect a trend.


From Gateway Pundit:

Socialism: Around the world, nations that have been foolish enough to adopt socialist policies either collapsed or are well on their way to doing so. Why, then, are so many in the U.S. enthralled with the idea?

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A quick look at the world’s countries in direst economic shape reveals that many, if not most, have one thing in common: They rely on top-down socialist control, rather than free markets, to run their economies. The former, history amply shows, are doomed to fail. There are no long-term socialist success stories. None.

Brazil just impeached Socialist President Dilma Rousseff for corruption, but her damage to the economy will last. Last year, as Rousseff’s massive borrowing and spending choked the economy, GDP shrank 3.8% and joblessness soared. Interim President Michel Temer has vowed to roll back Rousseff’s socialism. Next on the hit parade is Venezuela where they are fighting in the street for food… they are eating their pets now and they just burned a looter alive last week. Shortages of food, energy and such basic commodities as toilet paper are rampant. The government has imposed a two-day workweek to save money. Riots, thefts and blackouts are common. Argentina’s economy was run into the ground by leftist populist President Cristina Kirchner. Newly elected centrist President Mauricio Macri has stabilized the economy, fixed the nation’s finances, and has returned to global debt markets for the first time since the nation defaulted 15 years ago. The economy is again growing. And the list goes on and on. But are we learning from it? Nope. After Obama, we are poised to either elect a Marxist or a fascist. That won’t end well. Donald Trump won’t save us… he’ll print money and default on our debt… Venezuela is a window into our future unless we turn things around and soon.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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