Trust Fund Moonbats Lobby for Those Who Earned Their Wealth to Be Looted

Taking the hypocrisy and depraved sanctimony that characterize liberalism to a new extreme of self-parody, useless trust fund moonbats have formed a tax-exempt corporation to enforce their demand that other rich people who unlike themselves actually earned their money turn over more of it to be flagrantly wasted by bureaucrats.

“Our current tax system perpetuates inequality,” [bleats] Elspeth Gilmore. “Wealthy people can really change that narrative.”

Gilmore is the co-director of Resource Generation, a national nonprofit [i.e., tax exempt] organization that supports and challenges young, progressive people with wealth to leverage their privilege and resources for social change.

One way Elksbreath and his limousine Leninist friends have leveraged their privilege is by presenting a sign reading “Another trust fund baby for taxing the rich! Let’s pay our fair share!” at a socialist rally in front of NYC’s Waldorf Astoria.

Not all of their activities are as innocuous:

Resource Generation recently teamed up with another nonprofit that organizes affluent activists, Wealth for the Common Good, to form a Progressive Tax Campaign. They will be organizing and advocating a change in the policy, laws and perceptions of our tax system. Specifically, the campaign aims to draw attention to the social services that taxing the wealthy could fund, and advocates higher tax bracket rates for top income earners, as well as higher taxes on investment income.

Being rich with money they admittedly did not earn, they are in an excellent position to voluntarily donate to whatever cause appeals to them, even if it is a supremely moronic cause like our bloated, wasteful, and malignant federal government. But they prefer to lobby for other people’s money to be stolen.

The reason for this is that like all progressives they are on a lower moral level than a punk holding up a liquor store, who at least has the honesty to admit he’s a thief.

Trust fund socialists: not exactly humanity at its finest.

On a tip from GoY. Hat tip: Don Surber. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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