DISGUSTING: Teacher prays ‘only Trumptards died’ in Vegas shooting and OTHER horrible tweets

It seems that people simply can’t help themselves when it comes to politicizing major tragedies like the one that took place in Las Vegas. The left seems to think it’s an Olympic sport, racing to see who can make the most disgusting and inappropriate comment in the wake of tragedy.

Unlike normal sports, however, there are no winners. In fact, it’s safe to say that anyone who engages in this particular race are losers of the highest caliber. As are the people who support them and cheer them silently, refusing to rebuke their vitriol.

The sprint to the bottom began not long after the shooting occurred, with a teacher (ponder that one for a bit) hoping that “only Trumptards died.”

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"BB19" on Twitter also deleted their account after saying that this shooting was "karma."


And of course, there are those who simply HAVE to tie the tragedy to Trump in some way.

And next up, the people who hope others get shot as a result of the support for the Second Amendment.

And then of course you have the usual kooks demanding that we ban firearms, or increase the number of restrictions on gun purchases, or other such nonsense that doesn’t work. I could fill up an outhouse with their absurd tweets and ironically, that’s exactly where those kinds of ideas belong.

These people are effectively pimple’s on the backside of society and they should be treated like such. Their rhetoric is not acceptable and should not be normalized in any way. There are thousands of people out there grieving, hurting and dealing with lives that have been changed forever. The last thing we need is to promote more hatred and more division by saying that some people deserve to be killed for their political preferences. It is sick, it is wrong and it is un-American.

We need to stop driving needless wedges between each other based on politics. I assure you that if a Hillary supporter and a Trump supporter sat down and were forced to talk about something other than politics, they would be surprised to find they have plenty in common.

We’re not only allowing ourselves to be divided, but we’re actively participating in it ourselves. We’re sitting back and watching the doctor amputate our perfectly good leg and we’re even holding the bone saw for him while he chugs his beer.

Let’s not pretend that these people are some great source of inspiration of non-political correctness. They’re cretins, plain and simple.

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