Americans Are Fighting Back – Cutting Cable/Satellite Cords To SHUTDOWN Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

by Russell | October 14, 2017 10:40 am

I’m sick of all the crap coming from the media outlets. I still remember a time when I genuinely thought something along the lines of, “Fox News is right-wing, CNN is neutral and everything else is center-left.” I know, I was an idiot. But the last election really helped me pay attention and it was easily revealed to me what these news outlets really are – propaganda machines for the Democrat Party and progressive politics. With all the hysteria surrounding The Donald, it was as if the veneer of legitimacy was sandblasted off the maggot-infested wood of the house the mainstream media had built.


I still remember Donald Trump calling out these cretins.

But now, Americans are fighting back. There is a new movement to fight against these companies by cutting them off at the source. Millions of Americans are cutting their cable and satellite subscriptions as a form of boycotting these slugs. Just look at the whole Harvey Weinstein situation.[2] Are you really going to tell me you didn’t think this kind of thing wasn’t rampant in Hollywood and media types?

This is from a Bloomberg article:

“Investors in traditional TV providers are reeling as companies from AT&T Inc. to Viacom Inc. fail to stop the desertion of customers lured away by cheaper entertainment options such as Netflix and Snapchat.

AT&T, whose ownership of the DirecTV satellite service makes it the biggest U.S. pay-television provider, said late Wednesday it will report a third-quarter loss of 390,000 satellite and cable customers, echoing a similar warning weeks earlier from Comcast Corp. The same night, Viacom cautioned that its distribution deal with Charter Communications Inc., the second-biggest cable U.S. company, may lead to a blackout, potentially testing whether millions of viewers are willing to go without MTV and Nickelodeon.”

These companies are being cut off at the knees. There is nothing that would make me more proud to be an American than to see these companies starved of revenue and ultimately destroyed. All they have done is brainwash us and our children, to be constantly outraged, violent arms for the progressive agenda.

From Deadline:

“As reported in August, Disney has been eyeing ways to cut up to 10% in annual costs at its Disney/ABC Television Group in a restructuring. Along with the reductions, as part of a realignment at the company to address big shifts in content distribution and other technology-related areas of the business, there will be some hiring opportunities across the company going forward.”

As long as you pay for your giant TV subscriptions, you are subsidizing these companies. It’s time to cut the cord America.

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