BOOM: Gorka to CNN’s Camerota — ‘More People Are Interested in Cartoons’ Than CNN

BOOM: Gorka to CNN’s Camerota — ‘More People Are Interested in Cartoons’ Than CNN

Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump, Sebastian Gorka, was on CNN’s “New Day” with the show’s co-host Alisyn Camerota when the two engaged in a heated exchange regarding the new information coming out about the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer.

Gorka eventually went on to claim that people are more “interested in cartoons” than they are in CNN.

On a personal note, I agree with this. Cartoons are a fabulous break from the constant bash-fest that has become the mainstream news cycle.

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“If there’s a meeting that was wholly appropriate but which led to nothing, let’s compare that to the DNC sending its people to the Ukrainian Embassy to coordinate oppo attacks against our candidate. If you want to see collusion, it’s in the DNC. I mean it is up to their necks,” he said to Camerota.

After some more discussion on the topic, Gorka went below the belt, attacking CNN’s ratings in the same manner that the media company attacks Trump.

“You heard Don Jr.’s statements that told you everything you need to know. He’s not even a member of the administration. This is the shocking thing, again the amount of time you spend in desperation on a topic that has plummeted you to 13th place in viewership ranking across America — more people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than CNN today.”

Camerota was not pleased with these allegations, telling Gorka that, “[O]ur ratings are doing just fine. If you want to go there, our ratings are doing just fine.”

“You are 13. Nick at Nite is 11. More people are interested in cartoons,” Gorka stated.

Watch the video here.

I can tell you that it’s not children who are watching “Nick at Nite” because (at least when I was a kid) we weren’t allowed to stay up that late.

That means grown adults are watching these shows at a higher rate than they are watching the news. How sad is that?

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