CNN BUSTED Using Misleading Footage To Attack Trump With Fabricated Fish Food Story [VIDEO]

CNN BUSTED Using Misleading Footage To Attack Trump With Fabricated Fish Food Story [VIDEO]

Let me get this straight, we have a mass murder, Senator Paul is attacked, Saudi Arabia just had an attempted coup and Iran is pushing for war. Nothing to see here. Oh, and Flynn and son are about to be indicted. But by all means… #FishGate. This is just bitingly stupid… not a great way to start the week. CNN, who is the KING of FAKE NEWS, but claims that they don’t know what that is, was caught today using fake video to once again mock President Trump. What did he do now? Well, he followed the lead of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the emptying of a box of fish food into a koi pond, as is tradition there.

CNN also selectively-edited a Trump quote to automakers as a means to “fact check” the President as either dishonest or ignorant today. They’re on a roll. All of this is meant to make President Trump look foolish and stupid.

Trump is in Japan supporting our ally and working on business and security deals. This was a photo-op with the American President and the Japanese leader. In the video, you see Trump at the 42 second mark flip open a box of fish food and dump all of it into the pond. What you don’t see is that both leaders were originally spooning the food into the water and only dumped what was left at the end. In fact, Trump followed Abe’s lead. How’s that for manipulation and propaganda?

What you also don’t see here is that the two men played golf together and had dinner together. They were very friendly and professional towards each other. You also won’t hear that they got a ton done despite CNN and the lamestream media trying to smear them. Screw you CNN. And listen to the lie from HuffPo’s Yasha Ali: “Trump was supposed to feed the koi by the spoonful with PM Abe but quickly got impatient and dumped the whole box of food into the pond.” That’s not what happened AT ALL.

This is just disgraceful from the media. The world is on fire and all they can focus on is #FishGate. You people are impaired and you are evil. You wonder why Americans despise you. Well, this is exactly why. It’s no wonder CNN is dead last these days in the cable media wars. None of their reporters are worth the powder to blow to hell anymore, but they all have one thing in common… a stone cold hatred of President Trump and the right.

Feeding fish is not news you dolts. How about helping the President avoid a world war? How about fairly covering ANYTHING out there these days? What a bunch of media trolls. #FakeNews

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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