CNN Gets DESTROYED By Truth, As Syrian Chem Attack Survivor ROASTS Obama And Says THIS Of Trump! [VIDEO]

CNN Gets DESTROYED By Truth, As Syrian Chem Attack Survivor ROASTS Obama And Says THIS Of Trump! [VIDEO]

By: Right Wing News’ Just An American

You see, the thing about truth is that even if no one wants to believe it, it is still the truth…and despite those that want to ignore it, it still RINGS true for the honest and STINGS the dishonest when it is spoken.

What this Syrian 2013 chem attack survivor speaks, he speaks from his heart. He’s not playing a political game or hiding behind a personal agenda or a mask of deceit like this nasty CNN anchor likes to do quite often. He is simply telling the story as it is, honestly, simply and with no add-ons for drama.

As you listen to his words on this video, watch how this anchor, without even saying a word, is completely burning up inside. She still chooses to be angry and does her best to push Trump into a negative light, DESPITE this man who understands true human suffering telling her to snap out of her fake reality.

If you pay close enough attention…she almost seems like a darkness is over her. It’s actually rather CREEPY!

You just can’t get anymore real than that…and no better place for this sort of realness to take place than ON AIR at CNN…the very news outlet who screams injustice over human suffering, but would sell their stance in a heartbeat if it meant getting their way with Trump.

Sick. Evil. Shameful. ….and many other descriptive words come to mind when it comes to CNN and the people there.

The man in that video is Kassem Eid and he survived the 2013 Sarin gas attack in Syria. As you saw, he said the “most painful memory” he has of the massacre isn’t what happened during it all, but instead what DIDN’T happen afterward.

He is 29 and has ominously described that day as “judgement day.” He described that responders, after not seeing him breathing, had placed him between two other dead bodies as they suspected him to be dead. Then moments later, another saw Eid move and alerted the responders. His life was saved because of “God’s will,” he told CNN.

Even with all these gruesome memories during his near-death experience, Eid said there was something else that to this day still haunts him and stands out in his mind as the most painful memory.

“I can say with all truth that the most painful memory about that attack was watching President [Barack] Obama failing to fulfill his promise about [crossing] the red line,” Eid said, later adding that the former president “failed” when it came to Syria.

Obama famously drew a “red line” with regard to chemical weapons, but did not take decisive action after Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, killing as many as 1,400 of his own people, including hundreds of children.

“He [Obama] broke his promise. And with that broken promise, he broke a lot of hearts in Syria. And he made a lot of people give up on any kind of help from the international community,” Eid said. “A lot of people saw that that was the end. That no matter what the hell Assad’s going to do, nobody’s going to stop him. Nobody’s going to punish him, just for once.”

Eid also was in the U.S. in 2014 to testify before the United Nations national security council and Congress, and he was also to make several other public appearances.

Then as you could see, the CNN anchor tried her darndest to close the interview before he was finished talking and instead he asked very politely to say a few words to President Trump.

“Please, Mr. President, in the name of every woman and child and elder who got killed by the Assad regime, please come in and help us. Don’t make the same mistake that President Obama did. You criticized Obama for failing to punish and act when Assad crossed the red line. Now is the moment of truth. Now you should show the world that those days are over. We can’t just keep living in these unprecedented crimes against humanity.

Eid concluded his powerful five-minute monologue by saying that Syrians don’t want to leave their home country. All they want is help.

Please help us. Go after the man who created all of this mess. It’s Bashar Assad. Don’t make the same mistake President Obama did. Don’t let Assad walk away,” Eid said.

What is wrong with the left? They can clearly see that there is real human suffering…that this man is literally one of the people they ‘claim’ to want to help and provide sanctuary for. He also very clearly says they don’t want to become refugees, they want to stay home…but they need their homes to be safe.

She still tried to push it down his throat that Trump was an awful man that he was not trying to offer help and wanted to ban them…a distraction from the truth as the wicked always do.

However, we know better… and the truth could not be anymore clear than having it come out of this man’s mouth.

God bless him.

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