CNN Outed as Having Deep Connections to Trump-Smearing Firm Fusion GPS

by Sierra Marlee | October 29, 2017 6:59 pm


So, it turns out CNN, who posted the infamous Trump dossier and was immediately forced to remove it after realizing that it wasn’t actually supported by anything resembling fact, has a conflict of interest. You see, the reporter they put on the story has a connection to the founder of the Fusion GPS group that put out the false information.

Needless, the coverage of the dossier has been favorable thanks to both that deep connection as well as CNN’s general hatred for Trump.


Evan Perez, CNN’s leading reporter on the matter, actually “hyped the dossier’s credibility” according to the Daily Caller.

What’s more, he has actually worked for three of the founders of Fusion, Glenn Simpson, Tom Catan and Peter Fritsch, while at the Wall Street Journal. Perez and Simpson wrote articles together, making you wonder if those stories had any credibility.

While reporting on the company’s connections to the Trump dossier, Perez at no point mentioned his ties to Fusion or his favorable opinions toward the people who run it.

For their part, the Wall Street Journal penned a blistering editorial that tore Democrats and Fusion GPS into ribbons for their conduct.

“The real question is why Democrats and Fusion seem not to want to tell the public who requested the dossier or what ties Fusion GPS boss Glenn Simpson had with the Russians in 2016,” it reads. “All the more so because congressional investigators have learned that Mr. Simpson was working for Russian clients at the same time he was working with [the dossier’s author].”

“Americans deserve to know who paid Mr. Simpson for this work and if the Kremlin influenced the project,” it concluded.

They are absolutely right. Since collusion with Russia is so important, let’s go ahead and make sure that nobody was involved with them while trying to influence the election. This includes the liberals who were paid by other liberals to invent information on Trump in the desperate hopes that somehow it stuck and the American people revolted.

Now we all know that CNN has a history of attempting to tear down the President with any information possible. This is particularly important because their coverage could be influenced and biased by the personal relationships held by the lead reporter. This would, of course, make their coverage of the matter unreliable. (Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that it was reliable to begin with, okay?)

They have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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