CNN In PANIC MODE: Concerned Trump Is Picking Too Many GENERALS For Cabinet – VIDEO

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 10, 2016 10:20 am

CNN is simply terrified[1] that President-elect Donald Trump is populating his cabinet with badass generals. I might remind everyone, this country has had a long, colorful history of having military personnel serve in political positions. Does Eisenhower ring a bell? Some of our best leadership has come out of the military. What does CNN think is going to happen? A military coup? Don’t be ridiculous. Trump admires the military work ethic and mindset and look at where these three generals have been positioned… one is the National Security Adviser, one heads up the Department of Defense and one heads up the Department of Homeland Security. Why wouldn’t you put people who have military experience in charge of these areas? They know best what it takes to make them work. I say have at it boys.

The leftists and media always wet themselves whenever you mention the military. I think they are afraid these generals might actually get something done for a change. You know, be competent or something. What a change that would be, huh? When CNN tried to get one of their own, Janet Napolitano, to agree on this, she shot CNN down. She said she didn’t see a problem with it. CNN kept twisting it and Napolitano kept not replying the way they wanted. That was fun to watch and somewhat surprising.


From Western Journalism:

Video Transcript:

CNN’s Carol Costello echoed liberals who worry President-elect Donald Trump is over-militarizing his Cabinet picks.

COSTELLO: Democrats, they’re worried that Mr. Trump has picked so many generals. You know, he’s picked a general to serve as secretary of defense, national security adviser, Department of Homeland Security and maybe even secretary of state. Does that concern you?

JANET NAPOLITANO: Not necessarily, and I think the putative nominee for Department of Homeland Security, General [John] Kelly — I think you need somebody that can do multiple things at the same time. What you want is a leader who can organize, prioritize and multitask.

COSTELLO: Some, though, say a militarized view of America got us into, you know, the Iraq War, it created problems at Abu Ghraib, it created the mess that is now Guantanamo Bay. So, do they have a point?

Elsewhere on CNN, Trump’s nominees are frowned upon with harsh terminology.

REPORTER: President-elect Donald Trump naming two more hardliners to his Cabinet. Trump also tapping another general to his Cabinet. Retired Gen. John Kelly to head the Department of Homeland Security, raising questions about the militarization of his administration.

They also don’t like the way real men talk evidently. I find it very, very refreshing. I’m sure Mad Dog, Kelly and Flynn have these liberal weenies running for their safe spaces, but normal red-blooded Americans are cheering their strong leadership skills and the fact that they don’t take crap off anyone. They are not politically correct and they know how to fight a war. All of that is anathema to leftists. These are actual men… not metro-sexuals.

I think President-elect Trump is surrounding himself with strong, knowledgeable individuals that he won’t have to babysit and coddle. Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? It may horrify the likes of CNN, but to me it looks like a very savvy way to lead a country. I may not approve of every pick Trump has made, but I certainly don’t have a problem with military leaders. I do however have a problem with commies… we’ve had enough of those from Barack Obama to last several lifetimes.

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